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I dont know if you got my Pun for the name or not.. But if you were following the previous sentences train of thought, onto the name of this page. You Shoulda Gotten it.
Coming from the page Races to this page.
I was making a pun at the word eraser, and Race *train of thought from last topic*
I just wanted an easy name to type in that described the pages contents--Pancake

Weapons with Race Slaying Attributes

Image The Axes Name Item Name
*For Admin Usage*
Stats Weight Location Items Required To Craft It
*If Craftable*
Mud baxe17.png Battle Axe of Slay Undead (battleaxe_slayundead) Dam +75,
Slay Undead,
Attacks: Holy Power
9 KG
Mud xmas2011-hellbow.png Blackened Bow of Hellfire (xmas2011_hellbow) (Dam +30)
(Slay: Angel)
(Attacks: Fire, Death)
12 KG Demons Gate
on Main Island
1000 Demon Seeds, 150 Rubies, 1 Bow
Mud xmas2011-jesusbow.png Messiah Bow (xmas2011_jesusbow) (Dam +30)
(Slay: Demon)
(Attacks: Holypower, Blinding)
8 kg Tower of Turmoil
on Main Island
1000 angel feather, 150 diamond, 1 wooden bow
Mud bananadagger.png Banana Dagger (bananadagger) (Con+1)(Dam +10)(Sustenance+25)
(Slay Beast)
(Attacks: Confusion,Fear)
8.5 KG Residence in Bogenera on Main Island 1500 Bananas, 10 Gold Dust, 75 Huge Gold Nuggets, 1 Dagger
Mud gdagger0-cobalt.png Bandit Dagger (banditdagger) (dmg+5)
(Slay Beast)
4 KG Bomboria Sewers
on Main Island
at bsewersf2_02-01.nw
3 Purple Lock Boxes
3 Blades
1 Iron Bar
Mud bananadagger frozen.png Frozen Banana Dagger (bananadagger_frozen) (dex+1)(con+1)(dmg+10)(sustenance+25)
(slay Beast)
(attacks: cold,slow)
8.5 KG Igloo Town on Main Island 150 Ice Crystals, 10 Sapphire Dust, 75 Large Cobalt Nuggets, 1 Banana Dagger
Mud bdagger12-black.png Ghost Pirate Dagger (ghostpiratedagger) (hp+20)(dmg+12)(sustenance+15)
(slay undead)
(attacks: physical,ghosthit,life stealing)
8.5 KG Blacksmith in Westford on Pirates Island 500 Black Giant Pearls, 750 Black Pearls, 50 Blades
Mud xmas2011-frosthammer.png Frost Hammer of Crushing (dmg+16)
(slay Ice Dragon)
(attacks: physical, cold, confusion, weaponmagic)
27 KG
Mud demonbane.png Demonsbane
(demonsbane) (Str +1)(Dam +15)(Slay Demon)
(Attacks: Acid, Death)
6 KG Main Island - Battle Island Give The Guardian of Harmony 1500 Signets of Conquest
Mud bsword37.png Sword of Slay Ogre (swordofslayogre) (Dam +10)
(Slay Ogre)(Attacks: Physical)
6 KG
Mud bsword41.png Sword of Slay Troll (swordofslaytroll) (Dam +10)
(Slay Troll)(Attacks: Physical)
6 KG
Mud bsword38.png Broad Sword of Balor (broadsword_balor) (Dam +10)
(Slay Angel) (Attacks: Physical)
22 KG GOD Gift from Balor Altar Praying on Balor Altar
Mud banditsword.png Poacher's Blade (banditsword) (Dam +15)
(Slaying: Beast, Serpent)(Attacks: Physical)
8 KG Bomboria Sewers on Main Island 5 Gold Lock Boxes
Mud blade.png 3 Blades, 1 Iron Bar
Mud gsword27.png Ruby Blade (rubyblade) (Dam +10)
(Slay Slime)(Attacks: Physical, Fire)
7.5 KG Alchemy Lab on Main Island 150 Red Goop, 25 Ruby Dust, 50 Blades
Mud gsword9.png Jade blade (jadeblade) (Dam +10)
(Slay Slime)(Attacks: Physical, Poison)
7.5 KG Alchemy Lab on Main Island 150 Green Goop, 25 Emerald Dust, 50 Blades
Mud gsword59.png Amethyst Blade (amethystblade) (Dam +10)
(Slay Slime)(Attacks: Physical, Fear)
7.5 KG Alchemy Lab on Main Island 150 Purple Goop, 25 Ruby Dust, 25 Sapphire Dust, 50 Blades
Mud gsword60.png Citrine Blade (citrineblade) (Dam +10)
(Slay Slime)(Attacks: Physical, Paralyze)
7.5 KG Alchemy Lab on Main Island 150 Orange Goop, 25 Ruby Dust, 25 Gold Dust, 50 Blades
Mud gsword61.png Diamond Blade (diamondblade) (Dam +10)
(Slay Slime)(Attacks: Physical, Cold)
25 KG Alchemy Lab on Main Island 150 White Goop, 25 Diamond Dust, 50 Blades
Mud dragonslayer.png Dragonslayer
(dragonslayer) (Str +1)(Dam +15)(Slay Dragon)
(Attacks: Weaponmagic, Death)
6 KG ____Not Released____
Mud hollowgrace.png Hallowed Grace (Dam+12) (Slay Demon)(Attacks: Physical, Weaponmagic) 14 KG Halloween Island - Halloween Town Event House 1250 Black Pumpkins, 1250 Blue Pumpkins, 1250 Gold Pumpkins