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Forest text logo.png
Graal Kingdoms Taurë (Forest) <brb> Forest - Taurë ([great] wood(s)/forest)


A secluded kingdom shrouded with mystery and enchantment.
Forest island is home to many mystical creatures, and a hermit kingdom hidden in the glades.

Joining Requirements

Amendment I (Ranks and basic membership)

- Forest citizenship can be granted to any person able to properly Roleplay under the standard guidelines.

- Forest Military ranks are to be restricted to level 8 and higher unless under supervision of one of the forest members willing to help you get to that level.

Amendment II (Retirement, Gold/trial members)

- Upon Joining the kingdom, anyone unable to prove level requirements must not be permitted to military or higher ranks, but instead still may join with ranks such as farmer or blacksmith.

- Members in which are allready in the kingdom are not to be demoted for loss of gold membership or vip, but instead will nolonger be given direct orders and treated as a retired member of forest. This will be so until this person can return with gold time on their account. This should also mean their rank doesnt change because they don't have "kingdoms gold time".

Forest Flag Location


Silent Strand
Witch's Hut

Ship Yard Location


Ant Hill
Earth Plane
Foggy Bog
Forest Dungeon
Greed Dragon Shrine
Lost Meadow
Overgrowth Enclave(Closed)
Sacred Grove
Venom Hive

Monster On Forest

Monsters Image Monster Name Location
Edit.png Pixie Faeriewood
Plague Deva.png Plague Deva Earth Plane
Pleague Mephit.png Pleague Mephit Earth Plane
Worker Ant1.png Worker Ant Ant Hill
Warrior Ant.png Warrior Ant Ant Hill
Spitting Ant.png Spitting Ant Ant Hill
Frog.png Frog Foggy Bog
Toad.png Toad Foggy Bog
Bog Beast.png Bog Beast Foggy Bog
Forest Stalker.png Forest Stalker Forest Dungeon
Elder Mar Sanaa.png Elder Mar Sana Forest Dungeon
Red Fox.png Red Fox Foxhaven
Green Dragon Hatchling.png Green Dragon Hatchling Green Dragon Shrine
Green Dragon.png Green Dragon Greed Dragon Shrine
Unicorn.png Unicorn Lost Meadow
(Comming in a Bit) Faerie Dragon Sacred Grove
Fawn.png Fawn Stagfield
Killer Bee1.png Killer Bee Venom Hive
Bee2.png Bee Venom Hive
BeeD.png Snapdragon Venom Hive
(Comming in a Bit) Beelzebub Venom Hive
Example Example Example



2004 - Chris (--Chris--) Queen calani

Past Leadership

2004 - Chris (--Chris--) Queen calani 2004 - 2005 - Gryffon Durime (GryffonDurime) 2005 - 2006 - AlaricoMontario: Valanduil Nicholl 2006 - Lasaria's - Queen Argosex 2006 - 2007 - Tári Daya Mar Sana (ReBorn_Spirit) 2007 - Drakeero 2007 - 2008 Draxx

Kindome Rules

As a citizen of the kingdom of Forest, you are to follow all rules set forth by the High Elven Royalty. Not following a rule or rules, will put you in a position of punishment seen fit by royalty.


1. Theft (Proof of theft by photograph/image will be required for evidence) - 1a. No stealing kills from other players in the game. They have the right to kill - monsters too. - 1b. No Stealing ITEMS from other players in the game or in any kingdom. There are no exceptions for this, we - simply do not support people that are theives. - 1c. Scamming is not allowed. Caught scamming and your removed from the - kingdom. No questions asked.

2. No cussing on tag. If you are witnessed by another player swearing on tag you will be removed. (There must be proof other then text). This rule is usually void as it is merely a warning first, after which you could be demoted, and then removed on the third offense to keep it fair. If however the offending party realizes their mistake and appologizes soon after the act, it is forgiveable.

3. You are to RP in public while on tag. When on tag you are considered in character (IC) and must properly roleplay. If you are off tag you may say or do whatever you please (Remember the rules of the server though). When offtag you are considered out of character (OOC) - 3a. Clarification to IC Definition. By Definition IC (In Character) is the time you have your tag on, - this means you have (Forest) after you name. No more exceptions to the rule. - 3b. Clarification to OOC Definition. OOC can be denotated by either the OOC Brackets ((this is OOC)) or the - ending tag -ooc after your sentence. You should not use this in your tag if it is not necessary. - 3c. Forest Kingdom tags are meant as In Character and should be treated as such, please do not use your other - guild tags in your Forest tag, we do not need more in your name tag. Many people think that "of" should be - after your nickname, it is not a required. The brackets around (Forest) denote the word "of" already.

4. Toguilds are considered IC (in character). If you are talking out of character in a toguild make sure you mention it by using brackets ((im talking ooc)) or put -ooc after the message.

5. You are to treat other kingdom citizens with respect, as well as other players on the game. Even citizens from an enemy kingdom.

6. Citizens with rights are not to abuse them. If caught doing so you will be punished, either by removal of right, or removal from kingdom.

7. The Army and Navy are not to interfere with each other's activities.

8. Nobody, other than the King and/or Queen can decide to go to war.

-Houses-------------- 1. Only citizens of Forest may build a house on Forest Island. Citizens of other kingdoms have their own island to build their house on. Only with approval from royalty may a person without citizenship in Forest build a house.

2. Each non-citizen is limited to two houses. One for a normal house, and the other for a shop.

3. Shops can be placed at the bottom of the island, or near cities and ports.

4. Citizens of Forest with house rights are not to move a person's house without their consent (Unless you have orders to do so). You may move your own house.

5. Blocking an entry/entrance to a house/shop is a bannable offence if caught by staff. (this should include screenshots of someone doing so)

-Shipyard-------------- 1. If you are bringing a ship in or out of the shipyard, make sure you close the gate. That is the most important rule of the shipyard.

2. Citizens of Forest are allowed to keep their ship in the shipyard. If you don't want your ship stollen from the coast, keep it in the shipyard.

3. Boats are not to be taken out of the shipyard unless it is your boat. This does not apply to defense of the kingdom,though civilian ships should be replaced.

4. Ships that have taken damage and put into the shipyard must be repaired. Anybody may do this.

5. Ships that are destroyed must be replaced by a new ship. Unless you do not wish to have your ship anymore, then you should turn it over to the naval group of Forest.

6. The Royal Vessels are not to be touched by anybody but Royalty.

Not following a rule or rules will put you in a position of punishment seen fit by royalty.

-Punishments-------------- 1. Suspension of Rank (reasons of treason?)

2. Demotion (insubordination?)

3. Pillor

4. Removal from Kingdom

-Credits---------- Rules by Prince Sae Zakuto revised by Queen Daya Mar Sana

Ship Yard Rules

1.Consequently, the north right hand, south left hand, and north left hand corners are reserved for Royal Vessels and the Navy 2.If you see a ship damaged, fix it. What's it take? 2 seconds of your time climbing up the ship, about 5 boards, and pressing 'A' 3.All Ciryaheru's need to keep ships stocked with atleast 200 cannonballs. 4.Sailors, when you're done fighting, either rebuild your ship or fix it at one of Forest's numerous docks. 5.Every two weeks we'll evalutate our ships and create more as seen fit. 6.LISTEN TO YOUR SUPERIORS: Starting with King/Queen >Ciryatur>Hesto>Minya Meldo. And no one else. A mage is unlikely to know more about your job than you do, for example. 7.Be nice- just because you sunk them doesn't give you the right to go "LOLZ U DIEDED". Infact, you do that and you are no longer RP'ing and the Royalty will most likely have you removed. 8.Roleplay. 9.Have fun