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Game Basics

Point Bars

Mud spell summon avatar.png

When you play Graal Kingdoms, there's a GUI in the top-right corner
of your Graal Window that looks like this: Statsgui.png

There are four bars on it.

The top one is your Health Point. When you take damage, your HP goes down. It regenerates over time so long as you aren't taking damage.

The second one is your Spell Points, which you use up when you cast magic. They regenerate over time after you use them.

The third bar is your Grace Points, you use them to cast prayers. They'll regenerate over time if they're at less than half of their maximum. After that, you have to use the Praying skill to get them to regenerate.

The fourth bar is your Food Points. It gradually goes down over time. If it drops to 0, you become diseased, your HP stops regenerating, you might start taking damage. You keep it from falling to 0 by eating food. If you right-click a piece of food, it will restore points on your Food Bar.


Mud t dagger.png

- You can use a Shield to block damage by pressing the special weapon key. (Default: D)

- You can use or ready a weapon by pressing the weapon key. (Default: S)

Setting Hotkeys

Mud keyboard.png You can set a hotkey for a skill, weapons, armor or spells.
Click on the bottom portion of the icon to select the skill, weapon/armor
or spell category and then scroll down to the thing you want to hotkey.
Left click once to the right of that thing and then type the hotkey you want
to be assigned to it. For example, a lot of people set p to the skill praying.
You can learn more by going to the Kingdoms Hotkey Guide to learn more

Moving and Sorting Items

Mud apple.png Items can be moved within your menu if you click and hold the
left mouse button to drag and drop them around.

They will switch positions if you drag one over the other,
and you can drop them next to yourself if you drag them from the
menu over to where you are standing and release the left mouse button.

Restart Positions and Unstick Me

Mud bed.png At any time, if you become stuck somewhere, just stand still for 30 seconds and then say "unstick me".
This will warp you back to your last restart position if you're on Main, Battle, or Event Island.
If you're on a kingdom island, it will warp you to just in front of that kingdom's castle.
Also, your restart position can be changed. If you touch a dock, it changes to that dock.
When you enter a dungeon, it changes to the area just outside the dungeon, and when you get into a bed, it changes to the bed.


Itemmenu trade.png There are several methods you can use to trade.Mud g2k2halloween2k12 box4.png

- Simply drag and drop an item from your menu over to the ground.

- Drag an item onto another player until your cursor changes to the Drop Icon.
When you release the mouse button, you will be prompted to specify a sell price to someone.

- Click one side of a trade table, which will cause red and green flags to appear on the table,
and your account name as well. Drop the items you want to trade onto your side of the table and
click the green flag when you are ready to confirm a trade with another person. The red flag cancels the trade.


Mud bookshelf.png In order to learn Skills and Spells, you will first need a Scroll of Literacy.

Your success rate in Literacy is based on how much Intelligence you have,
so if you find yourself failing to learn a lot of things, try to raise your Intelligence points.

The following kinds of things can be read using Literacy:

- Skill Scrolls - Spell Books - Prayer Books - Magic Scrolls - Alchemy Recipes - Lore Books - Letters


Mud spell identify.png
When you pick up items from monsters, you will need to Identify them before
they sell for full value. There are several ways to do this:

  • Learn the Identify spell and cast that with the items in your inventory.

Mud skill woodsman.png*Learn the Woodlore scroll. Once you do this you will have the woodsman skill.
Use this skill to identify all the monster parts you pick up.

Mud skill smithery.png*Learn the Smithing scroll. Once you do this you will have the Blacksmithing skill.
Use this skill to identify all the equipment you pick up.

Mud skill alchemy.png*Learn the Alchemistry scroll. Once you do this you will have the Alchemy skill.
Use this skill to identify all the alchemy ingredients you pick up.

Mud skill jeweler.png*Learn the Jeweler scroll. Once you do this you will have the Jewelry skill.
Use this skill to identify all the jewelry you pick up.

Mud skill thaumaturgy.png*Learn the Thaumaturgy scroll. Once you do this you will have the Alchemy skill.
Use this skill to identify all the wands you pick up.

Mud skill bowyer.png*Learn the Bowyer scroll. Once you do this you will have the Bowyer skill.
Use this skill to identify all the bows you pick up.

Before you sell anything, make sure to identify it or it won't sell for very much.

Finding & Disabling Traps

Mud skill disarm traps.png If you spot a trap or a glowing rune on the ground, you can do two things to earn experience from the encounter.
First, you can find a trap by using the Find Trap skill, and then attempt to disable it using the Disable Trap skill.
But be careful not to get too close, or you may get hit by an explosion while trying to disable the trap.


Mud silvercoin.png You can buy items for the best possible price if you learn the Scroll of Shopping.
If you don't have this, your Charm points will lower the price you pay.

Each town's shop specializes in different things.
For example, you get alchemy materials in Hirathia and the greatest quantity of rings in Hotaru.
Nearly all of the shops have spell recipe books and alchemy recipe book on the shelves.

Shops reset after nobody is in them for awhile, so check back once in a while to see if there are new items.
Shops also respawn after you are in them for 15 minutes and then leave,
so its always a good idea to peek back in the door right after you leave a shop for the first time.


Mud skill inscription.png You can label things such as a bag or chest by marking it (/mark bag) then wield a pen and
type /useskill inscription whatever-label-you-want. If you have more than one of the same item,
you may need to set down the one you just labeled prior to doing the next one. Use this same
procedure to write in an empty scroll or book.

To write a spell scroll, you cast the spell you want to write (i.e. destruction) then mark a scroll,
wield your pen and type /useskill inscription. That will create a scroll of the spell you just cast.
Its level will be whatever your mental level is at the time. For example, you could create several
scrolls of create missile to use whenever you need to create arrows quickly.
You can learn more about inscription by going to the Inscription Wiki Page.


Mud flyingcarpetdefault.png GK has several modes of travel available to players,
including some mounts and vehicles.

They include:
- Horses
- Go-Karts
- Ships
- Drakes
- Zeppelins
- Flying Carpets

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