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Graal Kingdom Links

Graal Kingdoms Website
Graal Kingdoms Wiki Site
Graal Kingdoms Forums
Graal Kingdoms Discord Server
Graal Kingdoms Twitter Page
Graal Kingdoms YouTube Channel
Graal Kingdoms Spotify - Music Server
Graal Kingdoms Facebook Page
Kingdoms Reddit Page
Graal Kingdoms Donation Page - Pay's for web hosting

GK Discord -
Graalians Discord -
Unholy Nation Discord

Graal Kingdom Fan Links

Bonjor Website - (out of date)
Googi Graal Lib - (out of date)
Cell's Hand Book - (out of date)
Graal Kingdoms Intro Video -
Tashkins GKLib -

Official Graal Online Links

Developer Links

Level linking.png

Level Editor download help Graaleditor.exe
Gonstruct is an alternative to the default GraalEditor which is a piece of software used for level design

How to use Gonstruct Video -

[No Longer Works] Graal Level Editor - Work around for windows 10 - and

C# Gmap Generator -

Crow Gmap Generator -

RC3 Beta -

-Development Guides -


How to Guide on using the GraalOnline Gmap creator -

How to guide on making GraalOnline Gmap -

Great Resource

Pixel Art Tutorial:

Convert a level or Gmap into a .png File -

Classic Developer Links

Art Gallery Links

Dusty's funny Graal images -

Aeko's Thing

Other Links

Graal Game Boy -

Graal Kingdoms is based off of -

Music -
Old out of date websites or no longer available
Graal mail -


Alt+1 will capture an entire picture of an .nw when in playtest mode in Graaleditor.exe

Graal Kingdoms Old Websites

Shukensha Lloyd of the Samurai -

Kingdom Reviews and More

Game Ranks -
MMORPG Fan Post -

GK Fan Sites

The Wild Fox Mage of Graal Kingdoms -

Screenshots of old websites


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