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  • I dont always work on a specific page. There is A LOT to fill in, A LOT of fact checking, and A LOT of going to places in game to make sure its accurate so it takes time to finish pages.

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Comments About This Page

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Image Item Name Admin Name
*For Admin Usage*
Stats Weight Location Items Required To Craft It
*If Craftable*
Mud hookgold.png Golden Hook (goldenhook) (Dex+1) (speed+2) (dam+6) Attacks:physical) 5 KG Poi.png Not Released Poi.png
Mud hook.png Hook (hook) (dam+3) Attacks:physical) 3.5 kg Westford Blacksmith
on Pirates Island
at insidepirates_blacksmith2.nw

Pirate Castle
On Pirate Island
at pirates_al-18.nw
Mud iron.png 2 Iron Bars
Mud blade.png 1 Blade

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