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Graal Kingdoms Housing

Building a house level.PNG

If you plan on settling down, why not build yourself a home?
Mine stones and build walls, chop trees to get wood for the roof, until your new house is complete!
Then once your home is built, gather up some furniture and decorate your indoor area in any way you'd like.
Your house can even include a mailbox, in which you can receive letters and even items from players!
You can also open your own shop to sell goods you produced to earn some money.
Or just make some big party together with your friends.
To keep out all unwanted visitors, you can construct fortification pillars around your land.
But be careful, as pillars can be destroyed!
Create your own garden around your house where you will be able to plant flowers, trees and other nice things to give everything a nice look.

Claiming Land

Mud buildflag.png Once you have the supplies, you buy a Mud buildflag.pnghouse flag on the island you want your house to be on,
place your flag at the right spot and then have a high ranking member of that kingdom approve your house flag.

When your house flag is approved, you can start building by pressing A at the house
frame with the building materials in your inventory.
Your house can be moved once it's built, by a high ranking member of that kingdom.

Kingdom Island House Flag Locations
Pirates Town of Pirton & Pirate Castle
Forest Town of Wimnim & Forest Castle
Dustari Town of Borea
Zormite Town of Rederil
Samurai Town of Samsuro (Blue House)

Building a House

Houses dustari.png
You will need to collect the house supplies, which are
Mud stone.png90 stones
Mud nail.png300 nails
Mud board.png150 boards
Mud log.png5 logs.

It is highly recommended to gather them first, because if you leave <br a house partially built (to go get more supplies) anyone can come along
and finish building it - then it becomes their house.

Moving Furniture

Mud chair.png
Once you have made furniture for your house,
you can drop it on the ground in your home and it may become movable.

To move furniture around, left-click on the furniture and drag it around.
Release the button to change the furniture's position.

Opening a Shop

Mud manycoins.png
Once you have built a house, you can place Market Tables in your house to sell items to other players.
You drop your item on the table to sell it once the market table is placed in your house, and you specify
the amount you want to sell it for.

Then you open your house to the public by clicking the door while inside your house first,
and then using the /lockdooropen command.

After that, other players can come in and grab the items on the table to see how much it's selling for,
and if they buy it, you can pick up the piles of money they leave behind.

House Key

Once your house is built, you will get your house key Mud housekey.png

Naming your house key

You can rename your house key. You have to /mark your house key, for example say /mark housekey.
Once you house key is marked, you need to use a writing pen Mud stylus.png, and say /useskill inscription "the name of your house key",for example /useskill inscription My house.
Your key house has been renamed to My house

Copying your house key

You can make a duplicate of your house key in the Locksmith at Bogenera on main island.
It will cost you 2 platinum coins Mud plt coin.png and 1 iron bar Mud iron.png.
Just drop your house key on the ground like this:

You will get your key duplicate Mud housekeydup.png.
Remenber only the owner of the master house key can move supply in the house

Master Key

In case if you lost your master key of your house, you can re make it in the Locksmith at Bogenera on main island.
Just say buy master key for the same cost, 2 platinum coinsMud plt coin.png and 1 iron barMud iron.png

Key Rings

You can buy a Key Rings Mud key ring.png in several shops around the world. They are usefull if you got a lot of keys.


Move House

You will need to speak to a kingdom member with the "H" command who can move your house or to the king
They can either push your house or use the following commands

 if (strequals(#c,move house up))
   housemovedir = 0;
 else if (strequals(#c,move house left))
   housemovedir = 1;
 else if (strequals(#c,move house down))
   housemovedir = 2;
 else if (strequals(#c,move house right))

Building Fortifications

Object fort_supply name Fortification nrof 1 face gfort0 type 79 material 16 weight 4500 value 5 msg Used to create perimeters outdoors. Must be created with the Fortification Builder. endmsg end

Object fortbound_supply name Bound Fortification nrof 1 face gfort1 type 79 material 24 weight 5000 value 10 msg Used to create perimeters outdoors. Must be created with the Fortification Builder. endmsg end

Object fortringed_supply name Ringed Fortification nrof 1 face gfort2 type 79 material 18 weight 6000 value 20 msg Used to create perimeters outdoors. Must be created with the Fortification Builder. endmsg end

Object fortstone_supply name Stone Fortification nrof 1 face gfort3 type 79 material 64 weight 10000 value 25 msg Used to create perimeters outdoors. Must be created with the Fortification Builder. endmsg end

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