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Buying a Writing Pen

Mud stylus.pngMud goldenstylus.png
Pens can be bought in several locations around Graal Kingdoms,
but the most notable location is the Post Office in Bomboria.
Without one equipped, you won't be able to write!

Equipping a Writing Pen will automatically give you the Inscription skill,
which will pop up in your Skills Menu. You can then hotkey it if you wish.

Buying Paper

Mud letter.png
Along with a pen, you'll also need some kind of Paper item to write on.
Many different things can have messages written in them as long as they are made of paper,
but if you're looking for different kinds of stationary to buy,
the Post Office in Bomboria also carries various kinds as well!

Marking Paper

Mud scroll.png
Before you can write, you'll need to select which object in your inventory you want to write on.
You can do this by saying '/mark <itemname>' in your chat bar.
Make sure you type the specific name of the item, or the game may mark another similar object instead.

Entering a Message

Mud card.png
Once you've marked a paper item, say '/useskill inscription <message>'
and hit enter to prepare your message for writing.

Writing a Message

Mud scroll 2.png
Once you've entered which message you want to have written,
use the Inscription skill that pops up when your Writing Pen is equipped

Post Office Locations

You can buy pens, and paper at these following locations

Island Town
Main Bomberia
Pirates Pirton
Dustari Borea
Forest Palcati
Samurai Kontai
Zormite Rederil

How do I write on a bag or key?

You would like to know how to write on a bag or key?
1)First you equip a Mud stylus.png written pen.
2)Then you say /mark <item name> (only works on the following items)
/mark key
/mark key ring
/mark Key Ring of Holding
/mark bag
/mark bag of holding
/mark sack
/mark Sack of Holding
/mark rucksack
/mark runesack of Holding
/mark pouch
/mark pouch of holding
/mark Treasure Map Pouch
/mark Tier Pouch
/mark cannonball bag
/mark Cannonball Bag of Holding
/mark Mine Cart
/mark Quiver
/mark Quiver of Holding
/mark Archer's Quiver
/mark Assassin's Quiver
/mark chest
/mark bookshelf
/mark Wooden Box
/mark cauldron
/mark bury bag
/mark Wooden Barrel
/mark Newspaper

3) Once you've marked a item, say '/useskill inscription <message>'
and hit enter and your item name has been changed writing.

Guide on writing scrolls

Mud scroll.png
If you've been to most Main Island shops, you've seen scrolls with names like "Scroll of Create Bomb (level 2)".
These are spell scrolls. When used, they cast the spell in their name and then disappear. What a lot of people don't
know is that it's possible to change the spell or prayer on a spell scroll be rewriting the scroll.

To do this, you need to have the literacy skill, a writing pen (which can be bought in any post office), a spell scroll (it doesn't matter what spell is on it),
you have to have learnt the spell or prayer you want to inscribe onto the scroll, and you have to have enough spell or grace points to cast that spell or prayer.
Even if you have all of these, not all spells/prayers can be inscribed, but all learnable or grantable spells that can be found on spell scrolls (with the exception of Summon Pet Monster) can be.

To actually inscribe the spell, you must first equip a wand. Then mark the spell scroll whose spell you want to change by saying
"/mark scroll name", for example "/mark scroll of create bomb". You then have to say "/cast spell or prayer name you want to inscribe", for example "/cast destruction".
Then say /useskill inscription (if you hotkey the inscription skill, you can just hit the hotkey.) It's possible that you may fail to write the scroll, in which case nothing may happen, or
the scroll may disappear, and/or you may become confused. If you become confused, attempting to inscribe the scroll again may result in you inscribing a random spell onto it rather than the one you wanted to inscribe.
To cure confusion, you'll either have to cast the Cure Confusion prayer on yourself, or wait until it wears off. If you succeed, the spell on the scroll will be changed to the spell you were trying to inscribe,
and the level of the scroll will be changed to whatever your mental level is.

The higher the level of a spell scroll, the stronger the spell in its name will be casted, and the more mental experience a person will get by reading it.
Level 107 Destruction scrolls can kill or severely damage monsters throughout a wide area, which is useful in places like the West Haunted House.
Level 107 scrolls of any type will give more than 1000 mental experience points to a person with a low mental level who reads them.
Therefore, people with level 107 mental often sell scrolls that they inscribe or give them to members of their kingdom.

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