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Graal Kingdoms Jail's

Why you might have been jailed

You can be jailed for several reason. Depends on the crime you did and your history.
If your don't respect the rules of Graal Kingdoms, disturb events, harass players and staff members, insult others, scam others, try to use hacking tools.. can be a reason of your jail. If you are unsure of the rules then look here Kingdom Rules

Types of Jails on Graal Kingdoms


Moi pillory.png

Pillory is a soft sentence where you are jailed for minutes. Usually this is where you will go if you disrupted an event, not listening to a staff member, or just being rude and need a cool down.

How Long am I in the Pillory?

You can be in the pillory from 10 minute to 90 minutes

Normal Jail


Just a normal jail to hold players

How Long am I in Normal Jail?

Depends on the Administrator or Graal Police felt was necessary. Most likely you are being held there for question or until a investigation is completed

Bush Jail


A Bushy jail

How Long am I in Bush Jail?

Remove all the bushes to reach the end of the maze to exit the jail

Labor Jail


Labor jail.
You will have to mine the rocks to get released. If you don't have a pickaxe you can buy one
for 100 nc or you can punch rocks to break them out.

How Long am I in Labor Jail?

For how ever many rocks the Administrator or Graal Police felt was necessary, from 1 to 90 rocks.


Banned from Graal Kingdoms for a certain length of time where you are unable to log onto the server.

How Long am Banned for?

For how ever long the Administrator or Graal Police felt was necessary. All depends on your past banned history, the crime you have committed and how you treated the staff before the ban and during the ban