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Mud ruby.png Stone Mills around the world can be used to grind up minerals,
and occasionally have a chance to drop gems along with various metals.

To grind up Minerals, drag them over a stone mill (a table with spiked logs)Stone mill grinder.PNG
and release once the trade icon appears. Itemmenu trade.png

Crafting Greater Gems

Mud pretty ruby.png
Gems of Great Value can be created in
Bogenera's Mining Lodge using 10 of each type of normal gem.
Bogenera mining lodge.PNG

Making Gem Dusts

Mud dust ruby.png
They can then be crushed and turned into Dusts if you toss
a Great Value Gem into a Stone Mill.

However, there is a 20% chance that the gem can be completely ruined
when turning it into dust, so be careful

if you put in 100 Ruby of Great Value, you get 80 Dust

Image Dust Name admin name
Mud dust purple.png Amethyst Dust (amethystdust)
Mud dust orange.png Citrine Dust (citrinedust)
Mud dust gold.png Gold Dust (golddust2)
Mud dust diamond.png Diamond Dust (gemdust)
Mud dust green.png Emerald Dust (emeralddust)
Mud dust black.png Onyx Dust (onyxdust)
Mud dust cyan.png Jade Dust (jadedust)
Mud dust pink.png Garnet Dust (garnetdust)
Mud dust yellow.png Topaz Dust (topazdust)
Mud dust blue.png Sapphire Dust (sapphiredust)
Mud dust red.png Ruby Dust (rubydust)
Mud dust gen.png Quartz Dust (quartzdust)
Mud dust pearl.png Pearl Dust (pearldust)

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