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For a List of Kingdom Commands Click Here

Once you have joined a Kingdom and established yourself as a respectable member of its community, you may want to look into obtaining more rights and responsibilities as well.

Most of these rights can only be obtained with permission from higher ranking players in a Kingdom, and they must be handled with care.

These rights include:

K Rights: King Rights. Only obtainable by the current leader of a Kingdom. Allows you to set your Kingdom's allies and enemies, rename kingdoms, and declare your Kingdom Island as a battlefield.

H Rights: House Rights. Allows you to approve and move houses on your Kingdom Island.

To approve houses, a player must first place a House Building Flag on the ground, and the player with H Rights has to double-click it to approve the house plot.

To move houses, you can simply walk up and push or pull them, or alternatively use chat commands like 'move house up / down / left / right' to move them manually.

A Rights: Adding Rights. Allows you to add members to your Kingdom.

D Rights: Deleting Rights. Allows you to remove members of your Kingdom. Must be a higher rank than the people you are trying to remove.

G Rights: Grouping Rights. Allows you to move members of your Kingdom from one rank to another, so long as the player is in ranks below your own.

L Rights: Law Rights. Allows you to put kingdom members into your castle's pillory stocks for a short time if they are severely misbehaving.

R Rights: Rank Rights. Allows you to create new ranks within a Kingdom.

P Rights: Postal Rights. Allows you to open mailboxes for houses on your Kingdom Island.

T Rights: Terrain Rights. Allows you to place fortifications on your Kingdom Island's terrain in order to better defend it.

S Rights: Shipyard Rights. Allows you to control access to a Kingdom's shipyard.

M Rights: Message Rights. Allows you to set and change your Kingdom's Message of the Day, which pops up each time kingdom members log on.