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Tips and Tricks

Game play Tips

  • If you ever get stuck on an object or wall, say 'unstick me' in your chat bar. (No quotations.)

  • Every island in the game will always have a path that leads to and from Main Island,

as it is the central hub for the entire game. You will never be stranded.
Simply look for the Ferry Captain NPCs.

  • Spin kicking minerals is nearly just as fast as Mining

if you don't have a Pickaxe on you.

  • Torches can be lit with various Colored Fires from Colored Fire Potions.

It is also possible to transfer flames from one player to another.

  • All World Bosses drop loot at a fairly uniform rate,

so one Material item is typically worth around the value of another material item
from World Bosses. This was intentionally designed to make trading easier between players.

  • World Bosses always pay out more to all players when

more players are participating in fights.

  • If a Dungeon or World Boss is meant to be taken on in a party

of 2-3 or more, it is marked on maps with a (Lv 110+) tag.

  • Poisonous worms can heal you if you are poisoned

Combat Tips

  • If a player begins to use arrows frequently, be sure to use your

shield to block incoming missile attacks.

  • Blocking will also work for melee attacks,

as long as you and another player are facing each other when an attack is delivered.

  • Attack types like Drain, Depletion, and Life Stealing can be

applied to Bows to steal points from a distance.

  • Poison and Death are damage-over-time effects, and both of them

can be applied to enemies at the same time.

  • Fear will reverse a player's controls, Confusion will occasionally

turn a player's attack facing. Using both together messes with an opponents controls very often.

  • Ghosthit gives weapons the ability to perform critical strikes that deal

an extra amount of damage. It can also be applied to Bows and used from a distance as well.

  • Flaming Aura will deal passive damage to enemies as long as

it is active, and can help boost your DPS.

  • Bouncing magic projectiles back and forth between Directors

allows players to hit a boss multiple times before they expire,
and increases spell casting DPS as long as it continues to hit.

  • Curse will allow you to deny your opponents the ability to

cast the same types of spells your current God denies.

  • Holy Possession can be used to apply your God's attacktypes

to your own weapons or others, on top of its current blessing.

  • Countermagic, Counterwall, and Sanctuary can be used to quickly

counteract incoming spell projectiles or shred through magic walls.

  • Create Earth Wall can be used for a tactical advantage against incoming melee attacks.

  • Earth to Dust can be used to quickly shut down spells like Build Bullet

Wall, Build Lightning Wall, Build Fireball Wall, Director, and Create Earth Wall.

  • Command Undead allows you to control any monsters with Undead

listed as their Race, as long as they are not above Level 100.

  • Charm Monsters can be used to steal charmed monsters from

other players, or to quickly charm tameable monsters.
However, charming monsters does not reward Personality experience.

Character Building Tips

  • Your running speed is determined mostly by your Strength and Dexterity.

The higher your Strength, the easier it is to carry a lot of items at once, and the
higher your Dexterity, the faster you can run. These two stats both work together
to determine just how fast you are able to travel.

  • Speed helps most when your Strength and Dexterity are both at 30.

  • As you level up, it is a good idea to occasionally upgrade your weapons and armor,

and if you come across pieces of equipment you like, be sure to get them fully enchanted.

  • In order to make sure you're getting as many points as you can, max your

Base Stats out first (Str, Dex, Con, etc.) and then focus on stacking Secondary
Stats like HP, SP, Grace, Damage, Speed, Luck, and so on.

  • If equipment in your Body Armor slot provides more AC than your Bracers, the item

with the highest amount of AC will be used for protection. AC from Bracers and Body Armor
do not stack together because casters are less likely to bungle spells with light armor on.

  • Gloves can provide you with an additional attack type on your weapons too.

  • Attack types provided by Gloves and various buffs will still apply when you fight unarmed.

  • Certain pieces of armor have Damage on them, and this can be increased

by enchanting the armor. (+1 Damage per enchantment.)

  • If a piece of armor has negative AC or WC, it can also be increased back to

positive values with enough enchantments.

  • If you are lacking a base stat you need, it's easy to spare one slot on a

weapon for an extra base stat point. It will still leave you with 25 slots left over for stacking damage. (Up to +125)

  • Some equipment sets have very similar resistances between several pieces that are intended to make you

immune (or nearly immune) to certain attack types when you collect the whole set.

Fun Tricks

  • Cannonballs can be lit with Torches and picked up. They will explode when thrown.

  • Carryable objects like Pots, Bombs, Tomatoes, and other items can be put onto a Bread stack

tool by equipping the bread stack, lifting the object, and walking into and out of water.

  • Old haircuts can be saved by having a Barber cut your hair

when you have a Helmet both on and flagged as Hidden.

  • Skis can occasionally be used to squeeze through very tight spaces.

When you first equip a Ski, momentum will carry you slightly forward,
sometimes allowing you to get to hard-to-reach objects.

  • Summoned monsters can pick up items, and when they are destroyed

those items will go into your inventory.

  • Monsters over Level 100 cannot be tamed, but certain Level 100

monsters have spells they will cast in your defense if you tame them

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