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Event Calendar
The following events are regularly scheduled each year

Image Holiday Name Date
Mud sunkey.png Day of the Sun January 3rd
Mud partyhat.png Graal Online's Birthday January 13th
Mud heartamulet.png Valentine's February 1st - February 28th
Mud amulet shamrock.png Saint Patrick's Day March 1st - April 31st
Mud spell face of death.png April Fool's Day April 1st
Mud easteregg4.png Easter April 1st - April 31st
Mud halloweenshield.png Halloween October 1st - October 31st
Mud cornucopia.png Thanksgiving November 1st - November 30th
Mud wreath.png Christmas December 1st - December 31st
Mud partyhat.png New Year's Eve December 31st

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