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The way to hotkey an item/spell/skill is very simple. You have 2 ways to do this:

1. Click on one of the three buttons underneath your food bar to see your skills/items/spells.
Click the empty space to the right of the icon of the skill/items/spell, and you should see a blinking line next to it.
Press the key you want to use it for, and you're set!

2. Click the sword next to the food bar. A window should pop up showing the history of Graal Kingdoms.
To the very right of that windows should be a button that says "Hotkeys." Click that button and an image of a keyboard should show up. Click the key you want
to hotkey and a smaller menu should show up. Use the dropdown menus to select what you want to hotkey.
It's that simple!

Built-in hotkeys

F2 - RPG Messages
F3 - Server Options Learn More Here