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Graal Kingdoms Mini-Games
Below are a list of mini games you can play while playing Graal Kingdoms.


Mud breakout.png Breakout Game (breakout)
Breakout game screenshot.PNG

Point of the Game

Your mission is to destroy all the blocks using the orange ball.
The orange ball will bounce back to you.
You need to reflect it back again by moving the paddle.
Don't let the ball get past you or you will lose


1.Equip the Breakout Game
2.Press D
3. User the left and right arrow keys to move the paddle.
4. Press the up arrow key to start the game


Mud metris.png Metris Game (metris)
Metris game screenshot.PNG

Point Of the Game

The primary way to score points in Metris is to clear lines by manipulating
the pieces so that they fill horizontal row within the Matrix.
As the pieces fall, your goal is to move and spin them so that they line up evenly at the bottom of the Matrix


1.Equip the Metris Game
2. Press D
3. Control the falling pieces by using the left and right arrow keys
4. Press the down arrow key to make it move faster downwards
5. Press D to rotate the falling pieces

Zorbi Burst

Mud zburst.pngZorbi Burst (zorbiburst)
Zorbi game screenshot.PNG

Point Of the Game

Shoot at the color bubbles, and blow them up to clear the board


1.Equip the Zorbi Burst Game
2. Use your mouse to rotate the rhombus(◊) then Left or Right click to fire a ball