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Graal Kingdoms News

Login icon.png [10-19-2018]
-Halloween is here! Start collecting those pumpkins for some special items coming out to GK

Login icon.png [4-18-2018]
- Halvon is Zormites Kingdom leader as of 4-17-2018
- CTF event will be released soon
- Tutorial island is now under construction

Login icon.png [4/15/2018]
+Barrel by trade has been updated
+Net wars level has been updated
+white dragon dungeon has a new look thanks to sonic

Login icon.png [4/14/2018]
+GK Easter will end on 4/16/2018

Login icon.png [4/8/2018]
+ All sacks and clouds have been removed from the NC shop.
+ Coming soon to NC shop and event shop
-Daily item rotation where some items won't be available for weeks and they will have a limited supply in shops. "First come, first serve"

Login icon.png [4/8/2018]
+ All Easter baskets have been updated with newer items
+Tig bot has been updated + has 10 of each basket inside and has a new list of items. check discord.
+ You can currently get 65+ Luck ring, and radio active bunny suit from easter maps

Login icon.png [4/4/2018]
+Staff Wings now unequip if you idle with them for more than 10 minutes
+Staff wings have been updated to not work in some locations
+Newer Easter items can now only be crafted in some easter map dungeons

Login icon.png [4/1/2018]
- Happy Easter & April Fools to everyone!
-Easter shop will be open later on tonight
- Easter event will end on 4/10/2018

Login icon.png [3/31/2018]
-Easter Dungeon is now open
-You can now dig up 2018 Easter eggs
-Easter shop will open up later this week

Login icon.png [3/18/2018]
- Hotaru, Santerrain and Harmonia have been updated and fixed with even ground.
Login icon.png [3-13-2018]
-Hosting some special events today around 7PM EST/GK Server-time to celebrate my birthday and the people I share it with on GK.

Login icon.png [3/11/2018]
-Graal Kingdom's Skype link has been disabled due to a over load of Russian bots joining the server and spamming it up. If you would like to join then send either FBI or Mez a message on discord or in game.

Login icon.png [3/6/2018]
-g2k2hauntedhouse3 North is now open

Login icon.png [3/3/2018]
-Welcome Garry our new GP in training

Login icon.png [2/20/2018]
-Tig bot will have some rare items in it around 8pm Server-time be sure to log on and check them out.
-8:30 Server-time we will be hosting a few events tonight

Login icon.png [2/4/2018]
- tunnel of love has been opened early for Valentine's Day on events island.

Login icon.png[1/26/2018/]
-Nihil Shop has been reopened with a second floor that will later have a few older/newer items added
-Website has been updated with a few extra links thanks to Mirar

Login icon.png[1/20/2018]
- Tab + A has been Disabled

Login icon.png[1/17/2018]
- New GK F7 statuses released!
-New Graal Kingdoms subreddit Click Here for Reddit Link
-Transmog Shop is now open again.
-Ships have been fixed where you can build your kingdom ship colors on islands now
-Ships ladders can be picked up and dropped, don't grab the ladder grab the side of the boat is now protected by cloudflare
- is now HTTPS Secure
- is now HTTPS Secure

Login icon.png[1/8/2018]
- Lag View Command added - say :lag
- Pot War Event Added - you can also play without a EM if you have 4 players online by saying :pw queue and if your team wins everyone gets 1 event coin each
- Event- Station Wars has been fixed and released on GK
-Event - Team - Stronghold has been fixed and has also been released on GK
-Also, you may notice we have GK website GUI and GK Discord link on the status bar at the bottom of your screen over to the left some

Login icon.png[12/16/2017]
+Group Picture
ChristmasGroupPhoto2017 3.pngChristmasGroupPhoto2017 1.PNGChristmasGroupPhoto2017 2.PNG

Login icon.png[12/13/2017]
+Graal Kingdoms Photo Shoot will be on [12/15/2017 @ServerTime 8PM EST] Please log on so we can all take some group pictures
+Kingdom Spar Tournament
December 15th 2017 @ 7:00ServerTime

Think you’re top dog of you’re kingdom? Of the server? Now’s your chance to prove it!
Halvon, and I have agreed to put our ruthless warriors into a bracketed spar tournament to see who really reigns supreme in the spar arena.

As of this thread being posted registration has opened, please contact your kingdom leader, Events Admin (Halvon)
or I to be bracketed in to each kingdoms 8-Man Bracket
(Due to short notice I’m going to keep this months pool small, will expand next month given whatever activity we see 8 16 32 etc..)
You can also register here Sign Up here if you would like to join the spar -

Tournament is a single elimination type tournament that consists of best out of 3 to move on. Meaning whoever
wins twice moves on. Final 4 will consist of best of 5 matches, meaning you need win 3 to win.

Spars will be melee only, no bows, crossbows, magic, prayer, or scrolls.
Only prayer allowed being pre-spar holy possession.

No healing, no running, no prayer if caught praying automatic D/Q. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Prize:Christmas Surprise

Login icon.png[11/2/2017]
+All Halloween events have now been closed/disabled on GK

Login icon.png[10/31/2017]
+Halloween events will end on 11/2/2017
+Halloween Raffle Today at 10pm EST
+Events Today at 8pm EST

Login icon.png[10/20/2017]
+Black Horseman in the East Hunted House now shows the boss and the glow effect now goes away
+Ghost Pumpkin Lord drops have been lowered
+Halloween Town (aka Underworld) is now open
- All dungeons and buildings are open in Underworld
-All candy traders are located on all the edges of the islands in underworld
+All Halloween crafting is now done in Halloween Town Event House
+Digging for Pumpkins on Halloween island will be Increased to 15% compared to anywhere else on GK
+Spooky's Quest -Halloween Town
Give Spooky 1,500 rat tails and he will give you a Magic Bone Wand
You can get the rat tails from the swears in Bomboria

Login icon.png[10/6/2017]
+Leaderboard for Tower of Turmoil has been reset. Top player will win a prize at the end of Halloween
+Kvasir now has a chance of dropping Halloween Candy Corn Sword

Login icon.png[10/1/2017]
- Glyphs are disabled at the moment. Players wont be allowed to use Glyphs until a bug is fixed.

Login icon.png[9/30/2017]
+/ - Nightmare Boss has been removed from Main Island. Nightmare Boss has been moved to Crescent Pirates Island.
+ Lexax promoted to Discord and Forum Moderator

Login icon.png [9/10/2017]
+ GK Runes are no longer obtainable by players outside of battle-mode.
+ Players are now not able to cast spells on other players who are in battle mode unless you are also in battle mode.
+ GK runes are no longer dropped unless the player you kill has not been killed by you too many times recently.

Login icon.png [9/9/2017]
+/bmode now works with a confirm code
+FBI is the new King of Forest & Third3rd is his Prince
+Clevi is the new manager of MMT
+A kingdom's reward system is coming out that will reward players while being on kingdom tag with kingdom runes

Login icon.png [8/21/2017]
+Flying Carpets become unequip if you are attacked while uisng them.
+To Celebrate the Solar Eclipse we will be giving out Eclipse Shield's today! Be sure to check discord for a time

Login icon.png [8.3.2017]
+Taimat now slays elves with elementals
+/-Aengus no longer slays trolls, but now slays dragon
+Ogma is now enemies with Govannon

Login icon.png [7.24.2017]

+Bulk crafting is now on GK
-Thanks to Alf for completing the bulk crafting script

Login icon.png [7.23.2017]

+Panda Hammer has been removed from GK and is now a rare item
+Jail house icon has been updated
+Bulk Crafting is almost completed (thanks goes to Alf)
+GK Gaming PlayList
+GK looking for people to input information onto GK Wiki Site

Login icon.png [7.7.2017]

+ The Phoenix Wing Sword and Dark Phoenix Wing Sword are now obtainable in Bogenera!
+ The Garuda Wing Sword is available as well in Kurol on Zormite Island!
+ The Angel Wing Sword can also be found in the Tower of Turmoil!

Login icon.png [6.27.2017]

+ Haunted Houses no longer lock players out based on Food and HP!
+ Darkness in all player houses has been lifted substantially to allow for better visibility.

Login icon.png [6.25.2017]

+ Rings have undergone a global 'Stat Squash' to reduce their potency somewhat, and make Base Stats slightly more important again.
+ All +3 bonuses have become +2 bonuses, and +2 bonuses have become +1 bonuses. Rings with +1 bonuses are unreduced.
+ Secondary stat bonuses, like Speed, Damage, HP, SP, Grace, Luck, and so forth are unaffected. + If your stats have fallen below 30, you may need to respecialize your gear sets to be more optimal for PvP.
+ If you have overstacked some of your base stats over 30, you are less likely to be affected.
+ Old graphics for the Blood Sabre are now available as a Keepsake item in the Transmog Shop!

Login icon.png [6.24.2017]

+ The Spider Bow is now available in Kalen on Zormite Island!

Login icon.png [6.22.2017]

+ Caladbolg and Caliburn have been added to the PvP Shop on Event Island!
+ The Lion's Bravery Shield and Lion's Pride Shield have been added to the PvP Shop on Event Island!
+ Rather than GK Runes, these items will require Sparring Coins instead of GK Runes.

Login icon.png [6.9.2017]

+Explosive Glyph Recipe has been updated
+F3 Menu now has the option for Blood effect and to turn on and off shout

Login icon.png [5.22.2017]

+ Classic Graal Kingdoms Spar up
- Spar does not let players join with a high lag
+ Mining jail has been fixed
+ MMT Quest has been fixed
+ Starting NPC has been fixed
+ Wishing Well
- 1 platinum coin per wish. *you could get a rare item out of it* Located West of main by Main underground West Dungeon

Login icon.png[5.10.2017]

+ A new weapon called Original Sin Mud dark flamming sword.png is now available in the Villain's Villa in Avalonia!
+ The Frog Hammer is now available in the Event Shop!
+ The Fishing section of the Help Menu now offers a small guide to the locations of different fish around the Kingdoms Archipelago!

Login icon.png [5.3.2017]

+ Ogma worshippers now gain the game Sustenance bonus that Bile users do! + Wooden Poles can now be crafted at the Fishing Guild in West Bomboria! + Fishing Rods now use Wooden Poles instead of Bamboo Rods as their main ingredient.

Login icon.png [5.2.2017]

+ Various types of Message Bottles can now be found when you dig on sand! + All types of flowers now grow much faster when you plant them and water them to 100% constitution! + Item spawners for things like Fish Eggs and Sakura Petals should now be much more consistent and support rotations.

Login icon.png [4.28.2017]

+ The Gelatinous Cube in Bomboria Sewers now drops loot, and has a small chance to drop a Glowing Acid Dagger! + A bug has been fixed which was preventing the Treant boss from dropping loot correctly. + Balm of Flying now makes you levitate when used!

Login icon.png [4.20.2017]

+ Many new quests have come in around the world for obtaining Glyph Recipes! + Glyphs can be made via Alchemy, and allow you to re-assign the Prefixes / Affixes on your equipment! + To use a Glyph, /mark an item and use the Glyph to apply its bonuses! + Prefixes and Affixes can be removed from weapons and armor by cancelling them, just like with blessings and preparations.

Login icon.png [4.5.2017]

+ New Alchemy Quests are available across all Kingdom Islands! + These quests reward Prism Dusts, which can be traded in at the Alchemy Guild in West Bomboria! + The Alchemy Guild now offers Morphing items, including Flasks and Manuals! + Flasks allow you to transform into other things until you move, and are consumable. + Manuals allow you to do the same, but are permanent items that can be used more than once.

Login icon.png[4.4.2017]

+ PvP Death Counts have been re-enabled in player profiles! + A new option to turn on the Camera Lag visual effect can now be toggled off and on! + To try it out, type ':camlagon' and ':camlagoff'. + The effect causes no actual lag, and makes your camera trail behind your character slightly, making them appear slightly faster in combat. + Warp Scroll Packs are now available in the NC Shop, and will provide you with one of each Warp Scroll when they are used!

Login icon.png[4.3.2017]

+ Scrolls of Renaming are now available again in the NC Shop! Staff are no longer needed to activate them as well! + A new item, the Teletyper, is now available in the NC Shop! It makes letters pop up above your head automatically as you type! + The old 'Halloween Glow' ability is now learnable through an item called the Magic Aura, which is available in the NC Shop! + Unicorn Spikes are now craftable in Baleron on Forest Island! They go in the Mask slot, and allow you to add a Unicorn Horn to yourself! + Grace Crystals now exist, and will restore your Grace when used! + Grace Crystals have been added to many drops worldwide. + If your house is missing its door, the command 'fix house' will fix it. + A note about the command has been added to houses when you right-click them.

Login icon.png[4.1.2017]

+ For reasons unknown, Bomboria Square has been swarmed with Flying Pigs! + Flying Pigs drop various items including Ham, Bacon, Wheat, Corn and Platinum, as well as Party Hats on a rare chance! + Completing the Cooking Quest for Bacon drops in Bomboria will earn you Lunch Bags! + The quest will remain up for a few days, for those interested in participating. + Balm of Traveling will now take you back to Bomboria when you use it! + A bug has been fixed which was causing Blind to function irregularly.

Login icon.png[3.28.2017]

+ Balor now has the ability to Slay Humans! If you choose to remain as a Human, you may fall victim to Balor's new terrifying powers! + Diancecht, Aengus, and Govannon now all grant the Resurrection ability! + Quests to change your Race are now spread throughout Graal Kingdoms! + Player races are affected by Slay types, which deal additional damage when your victim's Race matches your weapon's Slay type. + The following races are now obtainable, and will show up in your Player Profile when you right-click:

- Human - Elf - Dwarf - Troll - Orc - Faerie - Insect - Beast - Serpent - Dragon - Undead - Unnatural - Vampire - Demon - Angel

Login icon.png[3.27.2017]

+ Jewelcrafting Quests are now hidden around Main Island, and reward Rainbow Gems! + Rainbow Gems can be sold for 1000p each, or saved for our upcoming Jewelcrafting shop in West Bomboria.

Login icon.png[3.26.2017]

+ Attacking ordinary citizens, such as Farmers, Miners, Town Drunks, and so forth will now affect your Alignment Points. (AP) + If you continue to attack harmless NPCs, your alignment will fall until your name eventually turns from Gold to Black. + If you abstain from harming people for a while, your Alignment will gradually return to Good (100 AP) but if you continue to terrorize people, it will slip to Evil. (0 AP) + To see your current AP, simply say 'showap' in your chat bar.

+ AP will regenerate at the following rates:

- 80-100 AP: +1 AP every hour. - 60-80 AP: +1 AP every 40 minutes. - 40-60 AP: +1 AP every 20 minutes. - 20-40 AP: +1 AP every 10 minutes. - 0-20 AP: +1 AP every 5 minutes.

Login icon.png[3.25.2017]

+ Crafting requirements for many items across GK have been substantially reduced! + Vampire Bows are now craftable at the East Haunted House! + Bogenera's smaller Magic Shop has been changed to a much larger Bookstore! + Harmonia's Magic Shop has been changed to a much larger Bookstore as well!

Login icon.png[3.24.2017]

+ Mining Quests now can be found inside of special mines on Main Island! + Many quests now reward new types of token items which can be sold for around 1000p each! + Optionally, these tokens can also be saved for future crafting-related shops as well.

Login icon.png[3.23.2017]

+ Cooking Quests now reward Lunch Bags, which can either be sold for 1000p each. + Optionally, Lunch Bags can also be used at the Misty Mug and Bread N Brew Taverns in Bomboria.

Login icon.png[3.22.2017]

+ Spring has brought new trees to GK! + On occasion, when you are digging, you may now occasionally pick up seeds for Apple, Cherry, Orange, and Pear trees! + If you re-plant these trees and harvest them, you will obtain fruit in return!

Login icon.png[3.21.2017]

+ Warp Scrolls are now available in the NC Shop! + When used, Warp Scrolls will take you to various locations around the Kingdoms Archipelago. + Once you have been warped, the scroll will vanish and be consumed.

Login icon.png[3.18.2017]

+ A new Atlas Menu has been added to the UI! + Players who easily get lost can now see a broad overview of the game's maps. + Expansion content will also be contained in this menu in the future as well.

Login icon.png[3.10.2017]

+ Brrrr! One last chill wind from winter has given smiths in Igloo Town the inspiration to offer the Rimefire Sword!

Login icon.png[3.10.2017]

+ New gear has been released in the PvP Shop on Event Island! + Runes of Graal Kingdoms can now be spent at the PvP Shop on various powerful pieces of gear!

+ The sets available are built toward certain specialties, and those are as follows:

- Executioner Set (Melee): Damage - Saint Set (Melee): Health - Assassin Set (Ranged): Damage - Mercenary Set (Ranged): Speed - Carman (Casting): Magic - Kragi (Casting): Mental - Xebinon (Casting): Wisdom

Login icon.png[3.1.2017]

+ Spring has come again on Graal Kingdoms! All the snow has finally melted away, and the birds are singing a merry tune! + A new dungeon, Shamrock Monastery, has appeared on Event Island! + St. Patrick can now be fought at the Shamrock Monastery, along with a legion of Leprechauns! + Golden Clovers earned from fighting monsters in Shamrock Monastery can be used at Shamrock Mill, right next door. + Leprechauns and Golden Clovers may also appear when digging on Main Island as well. Beware, though! They might try to swipe your Clovers while you're not looking! + The Kingdoms Journal has been reconfigured to show St. Patrick's Day and Thanksgiving items. + Emeralds, Emeralds of Great Value, and Emerald Dusts drop from Leprechauns, along with Beer and Potatoes. + Nihil Coins can now be sold to Vendors for around 5000 platinum coins.

Login icon.png[2.28.2017]

+ A new quest is available at the North Haunted House to obtain the Necrotic Bow! + Another new quest is also available near Hotaru to obtain the Sakura Bow! + Sakura Petals now occasionally appear in the orchard near Hotaru! + Valentine's Day events will continue on for two more weeks, in case any players are still collecting. + Rubies, Rubies of Great Value, and Ruby Dusts now drop from Cherubs.

Login icon.png[2.24.2017]

+ A new Barber Shop has opened in Hotaru! Looking for a sweet haircut? Say no more, fam! + The Love Mask can now be obtained from the anvil outside the Tunnel of Love on Event Island! + Dungeons and World Boss encounters on all maps have been marked with the (Lv 110+) tag, indicating that small parties of 2-3 players at Level 110 are recommended. + Buttons on the blue bar have had their widths fixed. + Cherubs now drop Pink Yarn!

Login icon.png[2.11.2017]

+ Many wands which were previously not craftable have been added to many locations around Graal Kingdoms!

Login icon.png[2.10.2017]

+ GK now has a new Voting Menu! Say ':vote' in your chat bar to open it. + Players can now post suggestions for future improvements to the server, and other users can vote for or against ideas every few hours or so. + Adding to the list and voting on various topics should help us make improvements to the game in the future, and prioritize various tasks.

Login icon.png[2.9.2017]

+ All Kingdom Perks have had their Resource Point costs reduced in order to make it easier for Kingdom Leaders to keep them activated. + Experience gain in parties has been recalculated so that exp only starts to get reduced when you are in a party larger than 3 people.

Login icon.png[2.7.2017]

+ A new dungeon, the Tunnel of Love, has appeared on Event Island! + Monsters in the Tunnel of Love and Tower of Turmoil now drop Heart Gems occasionally, which can be turned in at either location for Valentine's Day gear! + St. Valentine can now be fought in the Tunnel of Love, and he drops larger stacks of Heart Gems. + Several rare pieces of equipment also occasionally drop from St. Valentine as well!

Login icon.png[2.5.2016]

+ The map for Kingdoms Core has been updated! + All Kingdoms now have bases on the Core map that are surrounded by water. + Players must attack other kingdom bases in order to break down their gates. + Once gates have been smashed open, the cores inside must be destroyed to ensure victory. + Various colors of Dyes should now spawn in Magic Shops, for players who have difficulty finding them.

Login icon.png[2.1.2017]

+ A new Tips and Tricks section has been added to the Server Info Menu! + The Tips and Tricks section will offer some advanced advice about the game, including combat tactics and recommendations for how to build your character.

Login icon.png[1.26.2017]

+ Added a new stat to the Inventory Menu that shows your total number of levels across all skill categories! + Added a new stat to the Inventory Menu that shows your Enchant Power and Improve Power for equipment pieces! + Quest signs now show what an NPC is looking for and rewarding at a glance! + Boss chests for Level 1-110 monsters have been updated! + Cyclops have lost the ability to cast spells. + Necromancers in the North Haunted House now only cast normal Wounding spells. + Fixed the bug that was causing people to not be able to max out all Experience bars.

Login icon.png[1.25.2017]

+ All types of minerals from mines have had their values increased! + All types of gems and their dusts have had their values increased! + Material costs for creating Large Nuggets has been reduced!

Login icon.png[1.24.2017]

+ The weight of Tiered Healing Potions and Quarterstaves has been reduced! + Tiered healing potions should now restore more HP when used.

Login icon.png[1.23.2017]

+ Monsters have had their damage toned down a bit, especially in the case of spells. + Casting speed for monsters has also been sped up slightly.

Login icon.png[1.22.2017]

+ A new Calendar button has been added to the Server Info menu, which provides the tentative running dates of holiday events! + Many monsters now use different attacktypes when they hit with melee attacks. + All monsters under Level 100+ have lost the ability to regenerate HP.

Login icon.png[1.20.2017]

+ Lots of information about armor stat revisions has been added to our Equipment Menu! + Longer descriptions of spell effects have been added to the Help Menu in the Praying and Spellcasting sections! + Dustari Castle and Forest Castle have been newly renovated! Be sure to check them out! + The sell value of Flowers has increased substantially! + The sell value of Dyes has increased substantially! + The sell value of Colored Cloth has increased substantially! + Many spell projectiles have been slowed down to make sure they aren't impossible to dodge in close-range combat.


+ Spellcasting times have been sped up by a large degree, and it should now be harder to interrupt. + The sell value of fish has increased substantially!

Login icon.png[1.18.2017]

+ Many new location markers have been added to Kingdom Islands! + Avatars have had their HP reduced, and are no longer invincible.

Login icon.png[1.16.2017]

+ A Monocle can now be obtained in the Quest Shop on Event Island! + Colored Fire Potions have been removed from the Quest Shop. + The speed of all players has been slightly reduced to discourage excessive running in PvP. + No actual loss in speed will be reflected in each player's speed ratings from bonuses, and they still make an impact outside of arenas. + Horses have been sped up and had their controls recalibrated for tighter turning.

Login icon.png[1.15.2017]

+ Many armor pieces have gotten updates! + Secondary Stats (HP, SP, Grace) on many pieces of armor have been raised to increase player survival in PvP and PvE. + Base Stats (Str, Dex, Con, etc.) on many pieces of armor have been lowered on many pieces of armor to promote more trade. + The experience gain rate has been slightly decreased globally for all monsters. + More information concerning new item stats will be added to the Equipment Menu soon. + Holy Wrath now works, and will cause players to take Holy Word damage when they stand in it.

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