Kingdoms Tutorial

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Kingdoms Tutorial

tutorial task

Task 1 - Feeding Pet
Speak to Nancy, then find her Choupa and feed it an apple by dragging it from your inventory to the ground. Play the flute song she teaches and return to her with the Choupa

Task 2 -Vist Wizard
Witness Gand the Wizard's magic spell, then enter the magic shop to learn about different spells

Task 3 - Shopping
Talk to Bonnie, purchase a potion from the Pharmacy, and return to Bonnie

Task 4 - Move Furniture
Speak to Boris to learn a bit about how to build a house, then help Madeleine move her furniture. Once you have helped them, talk to Madeleine to let her know you've finished

Task 5 - Using the Mines
Enter the mine and talk with James. Kick rocks to gather iron or coal and give it to him. After he gives you a mineral, take it to Hank.

Task 6 - Crafting
Enter the Blacksmith's shop and speak to Marlon, Keld, and Morn. Use the Iron Morn gives you to craft a Shovel and Lumber Axe.

Task 7 - Plant Corn
Speak to Jeb about helping his farm, dig up some corn using a shovel, then plant the corn to see it grow."

Task 8 - Build a Ship
See John Sr. about helping build his ship, then dig up and plant a tree seed. Chop down the tree with your Lumber Axe, bring the Log to the Lumber Mill and return with Boards.
Task 9 - Build a House
Speak to Justus and learn about how to build a house on one of the kingdom islands.

Task 10 - Come Back
Speak to Spack Jarrow in Bomboria East to complete the quest!