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You can find 2 differents Locksmith on Main Island. One at Bogenera and one at Harmonia.

Bogenera Locksmith


- Here you can buy Chest Key Mud key2.png, it will cost you 2 platinum coins Mud plt coin.png and 1 iron bar Mud iron.png.
Just say buy key "the name of your key". For example buy key chest 1.
You will get your chest key called chest 1.

- You can also make a duplicate of your keys and house key and also buy master house key.
You will find all the information in the Housing section or click here -> Housing

Harmonia Locksmith


This Locksmith is for locking your Chest Mud chest.png, Wooden Barrel Mud wooden bottle.png, Wooden Box Mud box.png, Bookshelf Mud bookshelf.png.

You will need a chest key Mud key2.png and for exemple a Chest Mud chest.png.

It will cost you 2 iron bar Mud iron.png, 1 platinum coin Mud plt coin.png and 1 gold coin Mud goldcoin.png.
First drop your Chest key on the ground in the left part like this:


And After drop your Chest at the same place.

Your Chest will be locked with your Chest Key.

Its very usefull if someone else got your house key for exemple, only the owner of the chest key is able to open the locked Containers.

But be carrefull ! Dont lost your Chest Key because nobody else can open your Containers !

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