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Staff sign new.png /refreshfilelist

/npc killmonsters /dm addship pirates

alert "Event Alert Broadcast System....Announcing the commencement of the Graal Kingdoms Events.Sanctioned by the G.K Government.

/npc additem Graal733065 1 bonerender Graal733065(Qeeyo) ,Arch_Angel,Cruchot

/dm addexp Draagon50 wis 5000000


ReuploadMudFile /npcreuploadacc Graal716137 /npc copymud FBI function reuploadAccount(acc) {

 if (acc.starts("pc:")) {
   acc = acc.substring(3);
   //temp.o.loadlines("tempaccounts/" @ acc.substring(acc.length() - 2) @ "/" @ acc @ ".txt");
 }else {
   //temp.o.loadlines("tempaccounts/" @ acc.substring(0, 2) @ "/" @ acc @ ".txt");

Turbo kill = H Tig's current ip - //Staff Chat Commands viewlogs archfind npcfind npcsetchat godofwind ":pw queue" npcsetnick npcreconnectall npcactiveplayers npcjail npcunjail


/advcreate /npc housereports /setrace <account name> <race>

makekey numbers of house

/npc additem Graal3885528 1 wings_white fix house Shout Ban /msgban <acct or comm name>

Funny Staff Commands /setrace /killmonsters /killmain /killobjects /monstercount /stafficonon

=Team Control Commands==

Team Control Commands addteam <teamname> removeteam <teamid> add <teamid> <account> remove <account> show hide refresh reset warpteam <teamid> warpall setwarp setwarp player <account> setwarp <x> <y> <level> summon

=Fun Commands========

/alllevitate /allsleep /alldance /stafficonon /stafficonoff /spawndragon /setrace /setquestrace /spawntornado

=====DM Commands=======

killallmon add <amount> <archetype> <variable1> <value1> ... addexp <skill name> <amount> addrecipe <archetype> <suffix> addskill Adds the specified skill addspell Adds the specified spell archfind Searches for the specified archetype boss Old DM support create <amount> <archetype> <variable1> <value1> ... dump <archetype> - Dumps archetype variables.");

"pow", "mudpower", "cha", "mudcharm", "wis", "mudwisdom", "peaceful", "peaceful", "identified", "identified", "dam", "muddamage", "graalnpcparam",
"npcparam", "graalnpctype", "npctype", "food", "mudfood", "hp", "mudhp", "maxhp", "mudmaxhp", "grace", "mudgrace", "sp", "mudsp", "maxsp", "mudmaxsp",
"race", "mudrace", "ac", "mudac", "wc", "mudwc", "level", "mudlevel", "undead", "undead", "scared", "scared", "nopeaceful", "nopeaceful", "restrictaccess",
"restrictaccess", "title", "mudtitle", "attacktype", "mudattacktype", "slaying", "mudslaying", "material", "mudmaterial", "type", "mudgraaltype",
"startequip", "startequip", "no_pick", "nopick", "identified", "identified", "flying", "flying", "cursed", "cursed", "damned", "damned", 
"randomvar", "mudrandomvar", "confused", "confused", "blind", "blind", "applied", "applied", "allowtrials", "allowtrials", "alive", 
"alive", "hitowner", "hitowner", "face", "icon", "marketprice", "mudmarketprize", "no_damage", "nodamage", "unpaid", "unpaid",
"luck", "mudluck", "weight", "mudweight", "castingtime", "castingtime", "magic", "mudmagic", "hpbuff", "mudhpbuff", 
"spbuff", "mudspbuff", "gracebuff", "mudgracebuff"};
 this.resistances = {"physical", "magic", "fire", "electricity", "cold", "confusion", "acid", "drain", "weaponmagic", "ghosthit", "poison", "slow", "paralyze", "turn_undead", "fear", "cancellation", "deplete", "death", "chaos", "counterspell", "godpower", "holyword", "blind", "internal", "life_stealing", "castingtime"};
=======Restore Player Houses======

Go to testbog.nw and place key on the table
then press f2 and get the house ####
Once done go to the island the house located on and type  :restorehouse ####
house then should be restored.

Make a key duplicate for the house do the following
Outside of house and then hold down H and left click on the house to make a house key

==FAQ Right

rw levels/anewswindowupdates.txt* rw levels/Faq_Gods.txt* rw levels/Faq_Statistics.txt* rw levels/equipmasks.txt* rw levels/equipmasks.txt* rw levels/anewswindowstaff.txt* rw levels/equipwands.txt* rw levels/equiprings.txt* rw levels/Faq_Improvements.txt* rw levels/anewswindowprojects.txt* rw levels/Faq_Commands.txt* rw levels/Faq_Kingdoms.txt* rw levels/anewswindowcalendar.txt* rw levels/anewswindowevents.txt* rw levels/equiphelmets.txt* rw levels/Faq_Spellcasting.txt* rw levels/Faq_Praying.txt* rw levels/equipamulets.txt* rw levels/equipshields.txt* rw levels/equipbodyarmor.txt* rw levels/equipbelts.txt* rw levels/equipgloves.txt* rw levels/equipcloaks.txt* rw levels/equipbracers.txt* rw levels/anewswindowbugs.txt* rw levels/equipboots.txt* rw levels/equipmorningstars.txt* rw levels/equiphammers.txt* rw levels/Faq_Inscription.txt* rw levels/Faq_Logging.txt* rw levels/Faq_Mining.txt* rw levels/Faq_Questing.txt* rw levels/Faq_Sailing.txt* rw levels/Faq_Smithing.txt* rw levels/Faq_Stealing.txt* rw levels/Faq_Taming.txt* rw levels/equipaxes.txt* rw levels/equipclaws.txt* rw levels/equipdaggers.txt* rw levels/equiphooks.txt rw levels/equipmaces.txt* rw levels/equippolearms.txt* rw levels/Faq_Alchemy.txt* rw levels/Faq_Baking.txt* rw levels/Faq_Basics.txt* rw levels/Faq_Farming.txt* rw levels/Faq_Fishing.txt* rw levels/Faq_Housing.txt* rw levels/anewswindowhalloffame.txt* rw levels/anewswindowhirings.txt* rw levels/anewswindowrules.txt* rw levels/advaffixes.txt*

function onPlayerEnters() {

 if (player.account == "FBI") {
   player.setLevel2("main.gmap", 350, 350);


===================other info==================

Reddit to take owner ship of a board need 500 karma