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How to make money on Graal Kingdoms
There are two currencies used on Graal Kingdoms. One is silver/gold/platinum coins, which are used to buy things from shops. The other is diamonds, which are used for trade between players. The place where most player-player trade occurs is in the Bomboria Trade House. When you first start out, you'll be interested in buying things like skill scrolls, spell books, and other items from shops, so you'll be most interested in getting platinum coins. Later on, you'll want to buy rare items from other players so you'll be most interested in getting diamonds. The generally-accepted value of a diamond in platinum coins is 500 platinum coins to 1 diamond. However, it's very difficult to find a person who will sell diamonds for platinum coins (finding a person who wants to buy diamonds with platinum coins is easy.)

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You can make money by fishing, mining, questing,

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Portable market tables

Portable market Tables

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