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Graal Kingdoms Maps

Main Island Map

Graal kingdoms map main island black b.png

Treasure Maps Spawn Coordinates

These are the coordinates of where the dugion are located on the main map.

  { 985, 1194, "main.gmap"}, 
{ 346, 1571, "main.gmap"},
{ 698, 1120, "main.gmap"},
{1594, 1588, "main.gmap"},
{ 163, 1329, "main.gmap"},
{1636, 1170, "main.gmap"},
{ 358, 858, "main.gmap"},
{2375, 1031, "main.gmap"},
{2074, 825, "main.gmap"},
{1653, 416, "main.gmap"},

Treasure Maps

A color map of all possible dig spots, some event maps may vary.

Image Map Name Monsters Drops
Mud treasuremap1.png Elven Hideout Map Elven Squire (Cursed Leaf 1-4) (Emerald 1-4)
Elven Archer (Cursed Leaf 1-4) (Archer's Quiver) (Emerald 1-4)
Elven Sage (Cursed Leaf 1-4) (Grace Crystal 2-4) (Emerald 1-4)
Mud treasuremap2.png Dwarven Hideout Map Dwarven Paladin (Dwarven Ingot) (1-4 Coal)
Dwarven Rogue (Dwarven Ingot) (1-4 Coal)
Dwarven Priest (Dwarven Ingot) (1-4 Coal) (2-3 Huge Grace Crystal)
Mud treasuremap3.png Orc Hideout Map Orc Warrior (Orc Idol) (1-4 Emerald) (1-4 Iron Bar) (Orc Shield) (Lockboxes)
Orc Ranger (Orc Idol) (1-4 Emerald) (1-4 Iron Bar) (Lockboxes)
Orc Wizard (Orc Idol) (1-4 Emerald) (1-4 Iron Bar) (1-4 Huge mana Crystal) (Lockboxes)
Mud treasuremap4.png Troll Hideout Map Troll Fighter (Troll Tusk) (1-4 Heart) (1-4 Liver) (1-4 Eye) (1-4 Tongue) (2-4 Tooth) (1-4 Iron Bar)
Troll Bandit (Troll Tusk) (1-4 Heart) (1-4 Liver) (1-4 Eye) (1-4 Tongue) (2-4 Tooth) (1-4 Iron Bar) (Lockboxes)
Troll Savant (Troll Tusk) (1-4 Heart) (1-4 Liver) (1-4 Eye) (1-4 Tongue) (2-4 Tooth) (1-4 Iron Bar) (1-4 Huge Grace Crystal)
Mud treasuremap5.png Ogre Hideout Map Ogre Warlord (Ogre Pottery) (2-14 Stone) (1-4 Pile of Gypsum) (Lockboxes)
Ogre Thief (Ogre Pottery) (2-14 Stone) (1-4 Pile of Gypsum) (Lockboxes)
Ogre Mage (Ogre Pottery) (1-4 Large Mana Crystal) (Lockboxes)
Mud treasuremap6.png Insect Nest Map Centipede (Centipede Eggs)
Millipede (Millipede Eggs)
Mud treasuremap7.png Treasure Map Mimics and
Trapped Mimics
(Ruby) (Emerald) (Sapphire) (Pearl) (Diamond) (Platinum Coins)
Mud treasuremapmine.png Mining Map None All Minerals
Mud halloweenmap2012.png Halloween Treasure Map Event Item
Mud easter2k15 map.png Easter Map Event Item
Mud chest.png Treasure
Elven (2 Blue Yarn) (Potion of Wisdom) (Enchant Weapon (wc+1) (dam+1)) (Orc Hideout Map) (Potion of Intelligence) (Purple Fire Potion) (9 Mana Crystal) (Cowboy Hat)
Dwarven (4 Coal) (2 Iron Bar) (11 Sapphire) (15 Diamond) (2 Blue Yarn) (Silver Yarn) (5 Mana Crystal) (Potion of Wisdom) (Purple Fire Potion) (Cowboy Hat) (Flaming Ice Dagger) (Orc Hideout Map)
Orc (12-15 Nails) (2-3 Plates) (Blade) (2 Blue Yarn) (2 Brown Yarn) (5 Mana Crystal) (3 Manna Leaves) (Kvasir's Essence) (Gold Key) (Event Coin) (Yellow Fire Potion) (Orange Fire Potion) (Potion of Intelligence) (Potion of Wisdom) (Potion of Strength) (Ring of Clash) (Ring of Bandits) (Ring of Meteor) (Flaming Ice Dagger) (Eskimo Hat) (Black Helmet) (Werewolf Mask) (Ghost Mask) (Adventurer's Mystery Box) (Ogre Hideout Map) (Troll Hideout Map)
Troll (3-4 Iron Bar) (14 Diamond) (Brown Yarn) (Golden Yarn) (2 Manna Leaf) (Kvasir's Essence) (Event Coin) (Purple Fire Potion) (Potion of Power) (Improvement Potion) (Ring of Clash) (Flaming Ice Dagger) (Cowboy Hat) (Black Helmet) (Troll Hideout Map) (Orc Hideout Map)
Ogre (5 Iron Bar) (18 Diamond) (2 Red Yarn) (Golden Yarn) (8-9 Mana Crystal) (Doohickey Door) (Kvasir's Essence) (Event Coin) (Orange Fire Potion) (Purple Fire Potion) (Potion of Power) (Potion of Charisma) (Potion of Constitution) (Flaming Ice Dagger) (Black Helmet) (Ghost Mask) (Orc Hideout Map)
Insect Loot
Halloween Loot
Easter Loot

Cavern Entrance



When you have dug in the right location you should receive a message in the bottom right corner saying:

“You’ve noticed something buried under the ground”

Dig in the same spot two more times and you will receive this message:

“The dirt begins to give way beneath your shovel”

Dig another two times and a Cavern Entrance will appear following with the message:

“You excavate stairs leading to an underground cavern!”

All the digging locations of the maps are ONLY LOCATED ON THE MAIN ISLAND.

You will need to have the following:

1) A map. 2) A shovel.


When you equip your map and use it you will be given an image like this


If you notice, there is a little x marked on it.

That x is your digging location. However the x will not be in that exact location every time.

There are many different locations the x could be at.

Down below is a list of all possible x locations:

Location 1:


To get to this location you need to start at the town of Hirathia.


Then, follow the small dirt path to the left that begins behind the windmill.


Follow the dirt path all the way west until you have reached the bonfire.


Then you will arrive at your digging location.


Location 2:

Mineshafts Map

Mines2 2.png