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Mining Mud mininghat.png

Kicking Rocks

Mud mineral.png

There are a number of methods you can use to mine. At the very start of the game, you can bust open
rocks by kicking them repeatedly until you pick up Iron.

Making a Pickaxe

Mud pickaxe.png

Mud iron.pngIron can then be used to create a Mud pickaxe.pngPickaxe at a Blacksmith's residence. Then, you can mine rocks by picking away at cave walls or fallen minerals.
As they break into pieces, they will turn into another type of material like iron Mud iron.png, coal Mud coal.png, gemsMud gem.png, and so forth.

Mining with a Mining Cart

Mud minecart.png

However, if you would like to pick up minerals and grind them up in large quantities instead, you can take a mine cart full of them to a stonemill.

To use a mine cart, drop it onto a set of rails and push it from either side. You can double-click the cart to open it just like a bag,
but be aware that you can't take it off the tracks if it still has something in it.

Mines and Maps

Many different minerals are scattered throughout five different mines on Main Island. Different mines contain different minerals and some monsters as well.

You can find the following minerals in each mine:

Mine Type Items Location
Supply Mine Coal, Stone, Iron Bomboria on Main Island
Worker's Mine Coal, Stone, Iron, Diamond South of Santerrain on Main Island
Surface Mine Bronze, Silver, Gold North-West Mountains on Main Island
Deep Mine Mithril, Vanadium, Orihalcum Middle of Main Island
Toxic Mine Cobalt, Adamantium Perditus on Main Island
Haunted Mine Arcanium, Dark Iron North-West Mountains

Mines2 2.png
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Mining map cheat sheet submitted by *ANGRYPancake

An alternative to this is using Mining Maps: Mud treasuremapmine.png
Maps provide a randomly generated mine with walls for you to break through.
You will need either a Mining Hat or several Lanterns to see what you are doing.
The objective is to mine as much as possible before time runs out.
The walls take around 4 to 20 hits with a pick to break through.
To delve deeper look for the "V" put randomly in a wall on the floor you are on.
Depending upon the floor you are on you will get: Mining stone, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and/or Event Coin(rarely) upon breaking a wall.
Once you have the mining stone that you want make your way to a stone mill in places such as the Mining Lodge in Bogenera or the Mining Guild in West Bomboria.
There you can mill your Mining Stone into any random mineral mentioned in the above table, with a chance to get nothing, per stone.

Making Mineral Dusts

Large versions of certain minerals can be crushed and turned into Dusts if put into a Stone Mill.
These larger versions can be created at the Mining Lodge in Bogenera.
Mininglodge millroom.png

However, there is a 10% chance that they can be completely ruined when turning into dust, so be careful!

Currently, aside from Jewels the only eligible mineral is the Huge Gold Nugget.

Becoming a Pro Miner

If you want to show off your pro mining skills then you should get the shiniest pickaxe!
It is located South of Santerrain on Main Island. Look for the Worker's Mine.
Workers mine.PNG
Once inside proceed to the anvil labeled "Graal Worker Tools".
You will be able to create the Graal Worker's Pickaxe among other prestigious tools.
Worker pick ref.png
The Worker's Pickaxe is functionally the same as a normal pick but with a different graphic and additional stats.
See: Tools

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