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Graal Kingdoms Commands

General Commands

unstick me - use if you are stuck say "Unstick Me" and wait 30 seconds without moving to be warp to a safe location

setnick - Use to change your game nick name while in the game.

/help - Lists help options.

/help commands - Lists common commands.

/help tables - Displays information about trading in the F2 window.

/swearfilter strict/on/off - Changes the level of chat restrictions heard by the player (swear filter is on by default).

showadmins - Show's a list of online admins

toall - sends a message to everyone

toall: - sends a message to everyone

lag - shows your current lag

/reconnect - reconnects you to the game server

/rc - reconnects you to the game server

Game Commands

/addscore - Adds you to the 50 top players with the most exp list if you have enough exp, if you're inside the events score house the exp will be displayed on the 15 top skill boards.

/hiscore - displays the 50 top players with the most exp in the F2 window.

/disarm - Uses the disarm trap skill

/sethead # - changes your players head for example say /sethead 6 or /sethead 7

/cast - Displays a list of all spells and prayers learned in the F2 window.

/cast <spellname> - Readies a spell or prayer to be casted.

/cast marking rune <text> - Sets a message to the Marking Rune

/inventory - Shows all items in your inventory on the F2 window.

/useskill <skillname> - Uses the skill stated in the command.

/title - Sets your title to be displayed on the /who list.

/resistances - Shows you current resistances in the F2 window.

/statistics - Displays your total exp, how much total exp you need for the next level, and the natural and real values of strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, power, and charm.

/mark <itemname> - Marks the item stated in the command.

/who - Displays all players online and whether they are in peaceful or battle mode.

/whokilledme - Shows the last player that killed you

/skills - Displays a list of all skills and how much exp you have an how much exp to reach the next level.

/examine <itemname>- Displays information for the item stated in the command (same as right clicking on an item)

/drop <itemname> - Drops the item stated in the command.

/drop <itemname>, <itemname> - Same as /drop <itemname> but can be used to drop multiple items.

/recipes - Displays a list of all recipes learned in the F2 window.

/recipe <name> Displays the items needed for the recipe stated in the command.

/listen <volume> - Sets the volume level of messages. The higher the volume level is the more messages you'll get and the lower the level the less messages you get (/listen 0) being the fewest messages.

/search - Uses the find trap skill.

/dropall - Drops all items in your inventory.

/restart - Resets your Graal Kingdoms character. A random number will be generated for you to type in. (Note that you will have to start all over again and all items will be deleted from your account)

Party Commands

/party say - Sends a message to all party members.

/gsay - Same as /party say.

/party form <name> - Forms a new party.

/party join <name> - Joins an existing party.

/party kills - Displays all recent monsters killed by the party in the F2 window.

/party leave - Leaves the party

/party list - Displays a list of all parties in the F2 window.

/party passwd - Sets the password for the party.

/party who - Displays a list of all members for the party in the F2 window.

House Commands

move house up/down/left/right - Moves playerhouses in the specified direction (Only works for those with the kingdom H right for more information look at Kingdom_Rights).

/lockdooropen - Turns a playerhouse into a shop.

/kick <account> - Kicks the specified account from the house.

fix house - if your house door is missing after you are done building or its just missing in general say the "fix house" command and it should add the door to your house.

Kingdom leaders house commands

 if (strequals(#c,move house up))
   housemovedir = 0;
 else if (strequals(#c,move house left))
   housemovedir = 1;
 else if (strequals(#c,move house down))
   housemovedir = 2;
 else if (strequals(#c,move house right))

Pet Commands

/namepet <petname> - Names the pet with the specified name.

Fishing Commands

/bait <itemname> - to bait your hook

Trade Spar Commands

:help ~ Opens this message
:surrender ~ Makes you leave spar or queue
:queue ~ Displays the current players waiting to fight
:join ~ Adds your name to the spar queue
:rating ~ Displays your spar rating

Kingdom Commands

/kingdomnews - Change the kingdoms news (For kingdom leaders only)

/bmode - Puts you in battle mode. Type it again to switch back to normal mode.

/kingdom tag - Sets your kingdom guild tag.

/ksay - Sends a message to all kingdom members online with your rank name, accountname then the message.

/kingdom leave - Leaves your current kingdom.

/kingdom motd <your message> - Set your message of the day which pops up each time kingdom members log on.

set tax <percent> - Sets the percentage of tax for market stands (Kingdom leaders only & must be in front of the tax% sign).

set rent <silvercoins> - Sets the rent rate for market stands Kingdom leaders only & must be in front of the tax% sign).

arrest <account>
release - Releases the prisoner from the pillory (Only works for those with the L right). (disabled)
show - Shows the account name of the prisoner in the pillory (Only works for those with the L right). (disabled)


/Sit - Makes your character sit.

/Sleep - Makes your character sleep.

/Jump - Makes your character jump.

/Itch - Makes your character have an itch.

/Rub - Makes your character rub itself.

/Slip - Makes your character slip and fall.

/Prone - Makes your character prone.

/No - Makes your shake its head.

/Die - Makes your character fakes its death.

/Cleanshield - Makes your character clean its shield.

Emotion Icon

Emoticon missingchoupa.png

Image Name of Emotion Hotkey
Emoticon afk.gif CTRL+A AFK
Emoticon brb.gif CTRL+B BRB
Emoticon conf.png CTRL+C Question
Emoticon Dgrin.png CTRL+D Grin
Emoticon eyes.gif CTRL+E WOW (flashing eyes)
Emoticon Frown.png CTRL+F Frown (sad face)
Emoticon Grr.png CTRL+G Grrr
Emoticon Heart.png CTRL+H Heart (Love)
Emoticon Idea.png CTRL+I Idea!
Emoticon pm.gif CTRL+J Private Message (PM)
Emoticon kitty.png CTRL+K Kitty Face
Emotionicon haha.gif CTRL+L HAHA (Smile Face with Ha going around)
Emoticon Maybe.png CTRL+M Maybe
Emoticon Ncool.png CTRL+N Cool (Smiley Face with a Hat)
Emoticon Ohh.png CTRL+O Smiley Face as O (or showing people you are amazed/shocked)
Emotionicon tongu.gif CTRL+P Smiley Face with tongue sticking out
Emoticon Qphone stay.png CTRL+Q On Phone (Phone)
Emotionicon rolling.gif CTRL+R Rolling with Joy
Emoticon Smile.png CTRL+S Smile Face
Emoticon Tears.gif CTRL+T Crying Face (Tears)
Emoticon Umad.png CTRL+U U Mad?
Emotionicon sorry.gif CTRL+V Sorry
Emoticon Wink.png CTRL+W Wink
Emoticon XX.png CTRL+X Eek
Emoticon Yummy.png CTRL+Y Yummy
Emotionicon zZz.gif CTRL+Z zZz (tired/sleepy)
Emotion brains.png CTRL+1 Ham
Emotion brains.png CTRL+2 Briain
Emoticon 2coolemoji.png CTRL+3 2 Cool 4 U
Emoticon umadbro.png CTRL+4 U Mad Bro

Color Glow Commands

You will need to buy the Mud magicaura.png Magic Aura (magicaura) from the Nihil Shop before you can use these commands

/setcolor green
/setcolor blue
/setcolor lightblue
/setcolor purple
/setcolor black
/setcolor red
/setcolor orange
/setcolor brown
/setcolor yellow
/setcolor rainbow
/setcolor halloween
/setcolor halloween2
/setcolor christmas
/setcolor christmas2
/setcolor legendary

Fun Commands

say zz - spins your screen
say Do a barrel roll - spins your screen
say rr - spins your screen

pw queue - Puts you in queue for Pot Wars

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