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Image Name of Polearm Item Name
*For Admin Usage*
Stats Weight Location Items Required To Craft It
*If Craftable*
Mud bamboorod wisdom.png Young Bamboo Rod (Dam +25)
(Attacks: Physical)
5 KG Kamakura on Samurai Island 150 Boards, 25 Logs
Mud bamboorod.png Bamboo Rod (Dam +50)
(Attacks: Physical)
5 KG NightHawks Island,
and Samsuro
on Samurai Island
500 Boards, 50 Logs
Mud ancientbamboorod.png Ancient Bamboo Rod (Dam +75)
(Attacks: Physical)
5 KG Kamakura on Samurai Island 750 Boards, 200 Logs
Mud bamboorod blue.png Blue Glowstick (Dam +25)
(Attacks: Weaponmagic, Cold)
5 KG Igloo Town on Main Island 1000 Ice Crystals, 50 Sapphire Dust, 100 Sapphire of Greater Value, 150 Sapphires
Mud bamboorod green.png Green Glowstick (Dam +25)
(Attacks: Weaponmagic, Poison)
5 KG
Mud naginata.png Naginata (Dam +10)
(Attacks: Physical)
9.5 KG NightHawks Island and Samsuro on Samurai Island 1 Small Gold Nugget, 4 Blades
Mud bamboorod pink.png Pink Glowstick (Dam +25)
(Attacks: Weaponmagic, Confusion)
5 KG
Mud bamboorod purple.png Purple Glowstick (Dam+75)
(Attacks: Weaponmagic, Fear)
5 KG Haunted House North on Main Island 1000 Phylactery, 50 Huge Mana Crystals, 100 Large Mana Crystals, 150 Big Mana Crystals, 500 Mana Crystals
Mud bamboorod red.png Red Glowstick (Dam +75)
(Attacks: Fire, Weaponmagic)
5 KG Tunnel of Love on Event Island 1000 Heart Gems, 50 Ruby Dust, 100 Ruby of Great Value, 150 Rubies
Mud peppermintstick.png Peppermint Stick (con+2)(dmg+75)(sustecnance+10)
(Attacks: physical,cold)
5 kg Ice Cavern on Event Island 750 Christmas Tokens, 500 Sugar, 500 Mint Sprigs, 1 Bamboo
Mud bamboorod orange.png Orange Glowstick (glowstickorange) (dmg+75)
(Attacks: weaponmagic, paralyze)
5 kg Halloween Town on Event Island 500 Blue Pumpkins, 500 Black Pumpkins, 500 Gold Pumpkins

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