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Bugs is where broken things are reported.
Changes_Made is where you report finished projects so players can read it, or admins.
Ideas is where topics are reported, before being worked on if at all.
Projects (The Page youre currently on) is where current works of progress are reported, so we know what needs to be finished

Goals currently, but is a "Rule of Thumb".. List Invented by Pancake of Anger

  1. Towns must be easily distinguishable between being an Npc building, or a Player building.
  2. Paved roads will only go through major areas of the map. No paved roads to player houses, or dungeons. after all the player house islands are Kingdoms. Only the royal, or big cities can afford paved roads. Paved roads look terrible kind of.
  3. Each actual town must have a person/entity that feeds the town folk which means a food-bearing inn, a restaurant, a pub, a bakery, or a grocery store.
  4. Each Town must have 1 stable. Can be indoor, or outdoor. This Builds infrastructure. players are supposed to get around by horse, to be faster than walking. Like parking your car kinda.
  5. Buildings must be properly labeled with the appropriate house icon.
    If no house icon exists to label the building, we can make them.. Very easily.
    Mislabeled buildings must be corrected, and re-arranged as to not be a mixed building task.
    This means that you cant have a fort builder in the same building as a blacksmith. fort builders should actually be outside in a town on the kingdom island anyways.
  6. Each kingdom must have
    1 flower shop
    1 grocery store
    1 blacksmith that makes basic tools. Advanced items can be kingdom specific.
    1 Fishing Rod crafter Building
    1 Fortification builder in a town on the island, 4? kingdom flags in a town on the island, kingdom gear crafting area for the said kingdoms set of armor and weapon choice, 1 houseflag seller, 1 boat crafter, 1 lumbermill, 1 windmill, 1 well per town, 1 Barber shop featuring said kingdoms hair styles, and some basic hair styles clearly displayed as to where the player would know what are universal, and what ones are kingdom specific. 1 tannery,

. .

Incomplete Projects

  1. Balance the currencies using tigbot and exchange npcs.. You want these to set a permanent price for something. for example the exchange npcs for the nuggets of specific ores.
  2. Balance the ingredients needed to craft items.. some are stupid cheap, some are stupid expensive.
  3. connect every kingdoms town to 1 of the 2 kingdom dungeons. (Correct order will be all towns to Main Island Basement to basement Under Ocean to kingdom Basement to all kingdom towns)
  4. The Prefix and affix exchange npcs need the numbers changed so that the crappier ones cost like nothing to get, while the more godly ones require more of the required item to get. 750 lucky coins for +1 luck? should be more like +10 or +20 luck... Hence the name.. Lucky..

Projects to Finish on Main Island

  1. insidemain_tailorshop2.nw needs an npc made.. who owns the taylor shop?
  2. Tutorial on newb island revamp, it will be a barbarian town, with witches
  3. Exit to the level "insideporth_shop3.nw" needs to put you at bsewersf2_01-01.nw (41, 5). Remove the rope, make the exit just a "walk out the door warp".. remove windows in this level, since its underground. add an npc.
  4. the 5 innkeepers at insidemain_pub1_2.nw need to have "check for guild" "if yes.. accept payment and perform function" and "if not in guild.. do not accept payment" scripted in, so you can ONLY get into that kingdoms room if youre in that kingdom. broken part of the script is there.. its just turned off.. npcs function perfectly fine.. except anyone can get into any room.
  5. No npcs at insidemain_zehnvillage_inside3.nw to sell you cannonballs, or cannons.
  6. HH North needs "text upon entry" added
  7. Move table so that the baker can escape from behind his tables at insideporth_bakery1.nw
  8. Make another jewelry store in hotaru on main island, finish removing the rings/amulets from alchemy shops.. probably put it in the church there. as a side-room. Get married.. need a ring.. Makes sense to me as to why there would be rings and amulets there... utilize the prism gem exchange npc there and say he is going to use the prism gems for some jewelry.. Which is why he is paying 3000 plat per.
  9. the level "insideporth_pub1_2.nw" needs a room for forest kingdom, and one for samurai
  10. make minecarts use-able all through out a majority of the mines, fix lighting
  11. Zehn village does not have a player trade room
  12. Zehn village needs a blacksmith. Take the arcanium gear crafters out of santerrain weaver and put them into the new zehn village blacksmith.. arcanium ore comes from the haunted mineshaft right down the road. Make a storyline where the blacksmith says "Yeah.. i make stuff from ore out of the mineshaft right down the road"

Incomplete Projects on Samurai Island

  1. "insidesamurai_hamada-2.nw" *Hamadas House* Just make the spot in the middle not look like a door, unless it goes to a level.
  2. faraway island at samurai_bd-03.nw has a barracks with the house icon for a bakery instead of houseicon_weapons.png and no explanation that its a barracks, and no samurai warriors that youd expect at a barracks, no gear showing that they are ready to go defend the island on a moments notice. whats the other building for? i cant get in.
  3. Whole town of gojuryu at samurai_aj-21.nw has no npcs at all. the only npc that exists is standing outside of the towns perimeter, and its a copy-pasted exchange npc with a copy-pasted dialog. Player houses also exist inside the towns walls. That shouldnt be allowed. This town also needs an inn/restaraunt, and a stable.
  4. ceremonial grounds has no purpose at samurai_ak-26.nw. the "upon entering text" is also too big. Random grocery store with no npc inside? move this building to gojuryu.
  5. Terracotta terrace at samurai_ao-26.nw has no Purpose. Has no interior level made. Has no "upon entering area" text either. uses Panels-pirates.png instead of panels_samuari.png
  6. kamakura at samurai_au-26.nw has no npc inside the building.. Just a random house with a crafter inside. No houseicon either.
  7. tottori at samurai_as-25.nw has no storyline or any content. Its just a place thats labeled, and has some blood boar spawners? K......
  8. yakushima at samurai_av-24.nw has no interior level. its just a place on the map, with a building there that you cant enter. Also uses panels_pirates.png instead of panels_samurai.png
  9. entire town of atami at samurai_ay-17.nw has no interior levels to any of the buildings. no storyline supporting why its next to fireball spewing phoenixes. It just has a generic copy pasted exchange npc and a crafter for the phoenix wings at the outdoor dungeon 2 levels away. also the sign at main door of town doesnt have "Atami" on it
  10. wakayama at samurai_bc-15.nw has no content what so ever. its just a place marked on the map, with a single copy-pasted npc for obtaining fire potions. Would make sense to move this npc to atami and make it require phoenix feathers instead of wild roses.. But it should definitely be put into atami to give atami more content.
  11. behemoths rock at samurai_ba-10.nw could use more scenery to define the dungeon area.
  12. What is this building even for? at samurai_ax-14.nw also why does it teleport you to "faraway isle"? Also has no npc inside explaining anything. LOADS of overlapping crap in this entire building, and area outside.
  13. Kontai at samurai_ax-07.nw needs a few npcs for the buildings. need a stable, needs an inn. redundant crafters in each building. The town has 3 bakeries? fix that damn generic copy-pasted exchange npc also.. boxes inside of a cube of fences? torch inside the boxes? 5 torches all within 10 feet of each other? torch ontop of a boulder? Pathetic.
  14. kiso at samurai_av-06.nw has no purpose. Could delete the blood boars in tottori at samurai_as-25.nw and put them here as the animal pen for the town of kontai 1 level away. Add a story line about how its their source of food. also why do these blood boars drop tomatoes? Then delete totorri entirely from map, and the nothing worth of content that is totorri. Combine 2 incomplete places into 1 functioning town. oh.. then remove the "upon entering" text for kiso.. remove kiso from map..
  15. Izu at samurai_at-08.nw has no content what so ever. its just an outdoor building, with some swords, no npc.. nothing.. Move this closer to Kontai, and incorporate it into that town, as a training area just outside of town.
  16. Bamboo garden at samurai_ar-06.nw is labeled Kappas Dive on the map, but has no dungeon.. just a portal that makes you think theres a dungeon. Just delete the portal gate thing, delete the marker on map, Delete the mis-labeled panels_pirates.png and the torches. It is neither kappas dive, or a bamboo garden.. well theres bamboo, but is this really worth mentioning on the map? Its just bamboo.. samurai has bamboo all over..
  17. Why is there a control point literally in the middle of nowhere? versus in a town.. at samurai_am-06.nw make this part of a town instead. so it feels more like "capture the flag"
  18. Battleground at samurai_al-11.nw should just honestly be moved to a town, and incorporated as part of the town, but it is kind of a lot of work to move it probably. its fine as it is, but if you got some time.. it would make the game better by not just having a random pvp area in the middle of a field..
  19. red dragon shrine is an incomplete outdoor dungeon.. its literally just a few red dragon spawners with some campfires placed in a circle.. WELL FIRST OFF... dragons wouldnt make camp fires.. Should add a forest around the dragon spawners so it feel like an outdoor dungeon, unless shiss is going to finish the dragon dungeon he was working on.
  20. Ishigaki at samurai_af-12.nw has literally no point to exist.. its just a "text upon entering" a panels_pirates.png and a marker on the map.. Then theres just random boulders sitting around. Delete all 3 of these things. this is literally the definition of "an idea" placed into the game, not a finished product. oh.. and delete the random torches.
  21. zen garden at samurai_ai-14.nw is not a garden.. it should be either made into a garden with a temple inside it.. or renamed to something like "Zen Temple" also the npc standing outside should be themed after the kingdom it is part of.. it should have some samurai gear on, and a name. also has a generic copy-pasted dialog. Make up a dialog relating to something about "i am too weak to defeat these monsters inside, but i need lucky coins for making luck glyphs.
  22. The town of kyoto at samurai_an-13.nw has no npcs in it what so ever. The town walls also need to have their coordinates adjusted so they line up right. There is also one ontop of a boulder
  23. Samsuro at samurai_ar-15.nw has 5 buildings, and 3 npcs.. 2 npcs inside buildings, one with no name selling house flag signs.. this entire building should be moved to chikoku instead, you go to the castle to buy a house flag. Town has no Inn, or Stable, or restaraunt. The fences should have their coordinates adjusted so they align properly also. boxes inside of a little fenced in area? why?
  24. okikus well at samurai_ap-16.nw should be removed from the map. the generic copy-pasted npc should be named okiku. have appearance changed to samurai gear. Make up a story line of "there once was a portal in the well, but now it is sealed off" make up a story line.. where she needs 750 huge mana crystals to re-open the portal or something to be able to find her dad. the sign should be panels_samurai.png not panels_pirates.png, and shouldnt be behind the tree. Who does this anyways? wtf. take the npc from samurai_ao-16.nw and place it at okikus well, then update the wiki. give npc a name, give dialog to npc connecting it to okiku.. it will be okikus brother. make up the storyline "were trying to find out how to re-open the portal to get our dad back and i need tonics of mystic power to open it." if there is no dungeon made for okikus well, well make up a storyline as to why its a sealed portal
  25. Shugashi at samurai_av-17.nw is another animal pen with a livestock owner. there is a livestock owner that exists but has no storyline. the exchange npc should have a storyline related to something along the lines of "I am a great alchemist and i need __ dust of conflagration to find out how to make (insert livestock owners names) kiren immune to fire from the nearby phoenixes. The livestock owner should have a house in atami, and should have a wife or something inside the house mentioning that he is a livestock owner.. or just take the generic copy-pasted exchange npc out of the wilderness and put it into a house in atami and add this storyline to it. make it into a female, and make it the livestock owners wife.. have her mention that her husband is looking for some dust to stop her livestock from dying to phoenixes.
  26. the town of chikoku has an outdoor dungeon WAYYYY too close to the town itself. you are attacked with ultra-powerful magic while standing inside the town. the town gates do not have the name chikoku on them. The signs labeling each building are panels_pirates.png and not panels_samurai.png Town needs a stable, Inn and a restaurant. the house icon for the cannon shop is not correct. it needs to be houseicon_cannon.png random crafter for items using lavarocks and zen charms.. i feel these items should be in the towns closest to the dungeons that drop these items, not here. at the very least, put these 2 items on the crafter inside the level at insidesamurai_smithy2.nw in samsuro. update the wiki afterwards. take the samurai rod off the crafter in insidesamurai_smithy2.nw and put it on the crafter inside the samurai castle at samurai_at-21.nw.. update wiki afterwards
  27. the npc in the bamboo thicket at samurai_an-24.nw should be placed into a town and the wiki updated after. it should not be in a random thicket of bamboo. Thicket = dense bushes/trees.. There is way too little bamboo trees at this location to be considered a "thicket"
  28. how is one supposed to enter crimson isle? at samurai_ad-17.nw... besides for glitching through the wall with skis..
  29. onsen at samurai_aw-03.nw has no content what so ever, just a sign with onsen, a "text upon entering" and a marker on the map, some bones sticking up out of the ground? Delete all of this. nothing exists here.

Incomplete Projects on Forest Island

  1. Kernalia at forest_aj-19.nw has literally no content. its just a place marked on the map, 10 sunflower plants placed randomly, and 4 bags of grain with a blank panels_pirates.png with an "upon entering text"
  2. zepphlin at forest_ah-18.nw should be placed into wimnim versus pretty in a field.. a good spot would be forest_ad-14.nw (37, 63)
  3. the alchemist at forest_af-11.nw should be placed into wimnim versus nowhere near anything relevent. a good spot would be forest_ad-12.nw (14,60)
  4. The town of wimnim at forest_ae-13.nw has 4 blacksmith buildings? a bakery with no owner, a barren restaraunt, a huge campfire with no one standing there watching it. Should have a stable, and an inn. The "Accent fences" should just be removed and made into a defining wall around the town. the 4 blacksmith buildings need to be separated into what they actually are.
  5. Abandoned camp at forest_ah-12.nw has campfires going strong, and an npc standing there... so... its... not? abandoned...? The npc there could atleast have a storyline as to why its abandoned, and that hes just a traveler.
  6. lost meadow at forest_ai-09.nw is the top of a mountain.. google meadow and you will find that meadow = a piece of grassland, especially one used for hay, or a piece of low ground near a river. Fix this name. Giant horse that casts magic out of its chest somehow.. spawns here.. Uhm.. K?
  7. random sitting area at forest_ag-07.nw has a sign with no dialog, two overlapping barrels, and two lit torches. should probably just honestly remove the barrels, torches, and sign.. or add an npc there or something with a storyline atleast?
  8. flag at forest_af-07.nw should be in wimnim instead of the middle of a field.. Why are we building up content in the middle of fields instead of building up towns? Where content is supposed to exist.
  9. Earth plane at forest_af-08.nw has no dungeon, its just a place marked on map, a gate, with a swirling vortex, and no warper to anywhere.
  10. overgrowth enclave at forest_ak-05.nw has no warper to any dungeon, its just an oversized cut down tree thats marked on the map with 2 torches, and a bunch of trees around it all.
  11. applebough at forest_ak-09.nw is a neat idea.. an apple farm.. should place the trees in more coordinated rows.. then give this place an owner, with a house. Random huge ass crates scattered about? blank panels_pirates.png. Add a fence around this place so it feels like a real farm. Can even add an exchange npc in the farm.
  12. Mythenore at forest_an-14.nw has a neat design, with ugly ass cut down trees that would never grow like that in real life, unless specifically grown like that, then cut down.. Just use the traditional fences. Panels_pirates.png and a generic copy-pasted npc. The entire town is pretty pointless to be honest. Provides no real content.
  13. flag at forest_ax-09.nw should be moved to Baleron instead of in the middle of a field.
  14. scenery inside witches hut at forest_ap-16.nw should be improved. she doesnt have a bed? no way to make food? who is the idiot standing outside? Generic npc with copy-pasted script. two campfires outside right on the side of the building? you mean something thats going to catch her hut on fire? The house icon kind of takes away from the "spooky witch" feeling. take the wiggling spider from dungeonmain_anthill_aa-ab.nw and put it into the witches hut. take spider webs from other parts in the game and add it to there. Witches hut should also be moved to Witchwood at forest_au-03.nw.
  15. Witchwood at forest_au-03.nw has a panels_pirates.png and no npcs that are using the cauldrons. could use scenery like spider webs, bones, spooky things..
  16. sacred grove at forest_ar-14.nw nowhere near resembles a grove. grove = a small wood, orchard, or group of trees.
  17. timberton at forest_am-18.nw has literally no content. 10 stumps with 1 axe stuck in each stump.. do you have any idea how hard it is to make an axe with the technology available in the time that graal is supposed to take place? Who the hell would leave 10 axes in random stumps in the middle of a field.. just sitting out in the rain.. getting rusty and dull.. theres a few lit torches here.. logs randomly laying everywhere... Delete this entire place. The "upon entering area" the marker on map, and the nothing worth of content. is "were cuttin down some trees" worth mentioning on the map? no. Then ontop of that.. panels_pirate.png instead of panels_forest.png
  18. fox haven at forest_ap-21.nw is literally just a few fox spawners placed in the middle of a field, with the spawners location marked on the map by adding "haven". haven = a place of safety or refuge..... These trees could be made into a wall like thing, to kind of make it feel like its safer at the least. its just the random tree here and there that was randomly generated by the game.
  19. Palcati at forest_ak-22.nw has just 9 buildings, 1 npc inside of 1 building, 1 generic copy-pasted npc satnding outside.. town has 2 utility buildings.. 4 crafter buildings, no stable, no Inn, and no definitive boundary on where the town actually is.
  20. The town of sylvain should be moved over to forest_aq-24.nw because this place is not marked on the map, remove the sign at forest_an-26.nw that says seaside, and put it over at the new location for sylvain. Seaside is not a town that exists. take the npc from forest_an-24.nw (14,21) and place him into the new sylvain location. The reason to move sylvain is because i consider there to be an entire town worth of content spread out over much distance, and it just doesnt make sense. it will be easy because sylvain literally consists of 1 building that you can make fishing rods in, 1 generic copy pasted npc standing outside, some torches, and a campfire with a few chairs. Condense the town into 1 location and it will be much better. remove the boxes from along the road. Do you have any idea how much work it is to make a barrel with the tools of the era in the game? And you just left them there along the road for anyone to do what ever with? No.
  21. Eerie haunt at forest_ba-15.nw has no warper to anywhere. its got some bone spikes sticking out of the ground, some boulders, some torches, a panels_pirates.png instead of panels_forest.png that says "haunt" and not "Eerie Haunt" and its just marked on the map. Nothing exists here.
  22. The town of baleron at forest_bb-09.nw has a joinery with bakery tools in it, weapons, and furniture. the blacksmith has furniture, and weapons. none of the buildings have an npc. Town needs an Inn, and a food place. overlapping shadow of tree and town bell in middle of the town looking terrible. Double outdoor sitting place with raging fire in each.. no npcs exist to maintain or even light the fires so.....
  23. the town of Arundel at forest_ay-04.nw seems to a town where the forest militia resides.none of the 3 buildings are openable.. but
  24. silent strand at forest_aw-22.nw has nothing but a panels_pirates.png, 5 torches, and 1 copy-pasted generic exchange npc, then a bunch of random seashells laying around. id honestly just move the exchange npc to a town, make it not copy-pasted, delete the torches, delete the sign, and delete the map marker.

Incomplete Projects on Zormite Island

  1. zormite_ak-22.nw
  2. zormite_am-10.nw Sepulchre
  3. zormite_aw-06.nw Zorbi Clutch
  4. zormite_ap-07.nw
  5. zormite_as-11.nw

Incomplete Projects on Dustari Island

Incomplete Projects on Pirates Island

  1. pirates_ao-28.nw *pirates rest*
  2. pirates_ar-26.nw *Plunderers Pub*
  3. re-add torches in the pirates underground dungeon (the dungeon in reference is g2k2dungeonpirates_a-01.nw)

Wiki Work

  1. update this page: