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Build a ship.PNG
Dream of travelling the seas? In Graal Kingdoms, it's possible! With enough effort and wood, you can build a grand ship and sail around the world!
Gather a crew together and explore the vast sea, or search for passing ships to destroy with your cannons!
Ships can be damaged to the point of sinking, but they can also be repaired. You'll need to find a good crew to take on the rough waters!

Building a Ship

Mud shipplate.png

G2k2gui playership.pngG2k2gui playership.pngG2k2gui playership.pngG2k2gui playership.png
You can build ships for 48 Boards Mud board.png at the boat builder stations on Main island or the kingdom islands.
The boat builder stations like like this one

Every time you grab the ship building station, a board will be taken from your inventory and added to the ship.
Once 48 boards Mud board.png have been added, the ship will appear on the water and you'll be able to board it.
The colour of the ship's sails is determined by the island it was built on.
Ships built on Main Island or Battle Island have white sails.
Those built on Dustari Island have brown sails. Those built on Forest Island have green sails.
Those built on Pirates' Island have black saild.
Those built on Samurai Island have red sails, and those built on Zormite Island have blue sails.
It's impossible to change the colour of a ship's sails.

Ship Health & Speed

After building a ship you will have 100% health but every hour you will loose 1 health point unless the ship is stored in a shipyard.

   - >70% 100% speed
   - >40% 70% speed, no lookout
   - >10% 50% speed, no lookout
   - <10% 20% speed, no lookout, no hold

Crashing into Objects

Crashing into object the ship will loose hp more info to come.........

Note: if the ship HP hits 0% then everyone on the ship will DIE!

Boarding a Ship

If the opposing ship has a crew that have foolishly left the ladders down,
it's possible to board the ship by swimming up to it or flying a Zeppelin up to it. However,
even if the ship's ladders are up, you can still board it by crashing your ship into it and
then walking onto it. Once you do so, you can fight the person or persons aboard the ship using
magic and normal weapons and/or try to grab the steering wheel.

Controlling a Ship

Mud piratehat.png

A - Leave the wheel - Pressing A causes you to let go of the steering wheel.

S - Speed up - Holding down (or continuously pressing) S gradually speeds up the ship. While the ship is speeding up,
a percentage value appears above your head. This is the percentage of the ship's full speed that the ship is going at.
The maximum attainable percentage is between 50% and 99% and is determined by the ship's "health"
(A ship with 100% health can go at up to 99% speed, a ship that's almost destroyed can only go at 50% speed.)

D - Slow down - Pressing D gradually decelerates the ship.

You can name a boat by typing 'setname <BOAT NAME>' while driving it. You can repair a boat by sailing to
a stop at a dock and then press A while standing in the middle of the boat with boards in your inventory.

Graal Kingdoms Ship controls.png

Firing Cannonballs

Graal kingdoms Ship+cannon.png

Mud cannon.png
To shoot from a ship's cannons, you need cannon balls. You can make these
on the kingdom islands for Coal. To use a cannon, Press A and hold, depending
on how far you want the cannonball to go.

Cannon balls do between 1 dmg - 5 dmg per each hit onto another vessel


Mud spell magic drain.png

Ship earth wall.png

Magic can be used in ship combat in two ways.
The first is to use barrier/wall spells to create obstacles in the ship's path, hopefully causing it to crash and stop moving.
The other is to use spells/prayers to directly attack the person or persons aboard the opposing ship.

Storing Ships

Mud fortgate.png

You can also store boats in your kingdom's harbor. You do this by sailing close to the
harbor and double clicking at the base of the gates. Double click the gates again to close them.
Make sure you close the harbor gates after entering, so that nobody from another kingdom can sail
in and sink or steal your kingdom's boats.

To do this you need to have the proper right for your kingdom.
Look here for more information on Kingdom Rights.

Climbing Masts

Mud buildflag.png

Graal Kingdoms Ship mask.png

It is also possible to climb up a ship's mast while sailing as well, to look out ahead for trouble.
Grab the ship's mast and you can climb up if there are still sails, and use the directional keys to move the camera around.
Pressing A again will make you climb back down.

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