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Smithing room.PNG

Crafting Tools

One of the first things you will ever need is a durable set of tools.
Especially a Mud pliers.png pair of Pliers.

Mud pliers.png Pliers are used to handle Irononchimney2.png hot Iron on Weaponanvil.png Black Anvils, but must first be smelted on a Furnace.

Smelting Iron

Mud iron.png

Blacksmithing requires a few things:

- An unlit forge. House chimney1.png
- A pair of Pliers. Mud pliers.png
- Coal Mud coal.png
- Iron Mud iron.png
- An anvil (they dark grey onesWeaponanvil.png , not the light blue onesWeaponanvil2.png)

You stand in front of the House chimney1.png unlit Furnace and press A to light it with Mud coal.pngCoal.
Then A again to put the Irononchimney.png Iron on it.

When the Iron turns Irononchimney2.png red on the Anvil, equip your Pliers and press S to pick up the Irononchimney2.png hot Iron.

Do not press A unless you want to cancel the process. 

Cooling Iron

Mud pliers.png

Then go to the Barrelwater.pngWater Barrel and press S while facing it. After the Iron has been Irononanvilicon.pngcooled,
the bar will turn Irononanvilicon.png purple and then you can go to the Weaponanvil.png Black Anvil.

However, Irononchimney.png Iron has a random chance of failing as well. If this happens,
scramble back to put the Irononchimney.png Iron back on the House chimney2.png Furnace before the flame from the Coal runs out!

Shaping Iron

Mud hatskeleton.png

Pressing S next to a Weaponanvil.png Black Anvil with Irononanvilicon.png purple Iron will bring up a menu of what you can make with the Irononanvilicon.png cooled Iron.

Once your item has been crafted, press A to pick it up from the Weaponanvil.png Black Anvil. 

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