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Taming Pets
There is a variety of animals that roam the lands in Graal Kingdoms.
Some of these animals can be fed and tamed to follow you and much more.
If you have a horse, you can feed it and ride it for faster travel over the land.
You can even add armor to your horse to protect it during battles.
Pets can also help to lighten the load by carrying some of your heavy goods.

Calming & Taming Monsters

In order to tame a monster for use in combat, you must first tame it by using the Singing skill. Mud skill singing.png

If you stand in front of a monster and repeatedly sing to it, eventually the monster may listen to you. When successful, you will see "You calm down the ___"

Most humanoid monsters will not listen to you, nor will Level 110 monsters. But monsters up to Level 100 can often be tamed and controlled

When you successfully calm down a monster, you will receive a message indicating your success.

After calming down a monster, use the "oratory" skill repeatedly to convince the enemy to become your follower. Mud skill oratory.png

When successful, you will see "You convince the ___ to become your follower." If a monster cannot be tamed, you will receive a message that indicates no chances of success.

Hatching Pets


Pets can be obtained by completing special Trading Quests. To hatch a pet, drop the Pet Egg you receive from the
Quest NPC on the ground and wait a moment for it to hatch.
They will not hatch inside of the cave! They need sunlight to hatch.

Domesticating Pets

Mud apple.png

You can tame a pet by feeding it, grabbing it, or brushing it.
Hug.png Feed.png Brush.png
Mud brush.png

Once the pet likes you to 75% you can name the pet by standing near it and typing "name pet <PETNAME>". You can also have your pet follow you or mate with another friendly pet of the opposite sex

Tethering Pets

G2k2peg.png Putting your pet on a Peg or in a house keeps it from wandering away when you're not around. To use a peg on a pet, drag the peg over the pet until a trading icon appears.

Feeding Pets

G2k2petfeeder food.png

You will have to feed your pet so it doesn't die. Some types of pets only like certain foods; dragons eat only fish(bugged?), Horses eat Wheat, Monkeys eat bananas, etc.

There are two ways you can feed your pets: you may either drop the food next to your pet and it will eat it, or you may fill a trough with food and the pet may eat from that.

Once your pet's constitution is 100%, it will not eat anymore.

Pet Songs

Mud flute.png

  Follow: (v)(>)(v)(^)(>)(v)(^)(<)(v)
  Stop Following: <^<^>v<^
  Mate: >v><>v>^

Once the pet likes you it will follow you if you play the Follow Song.

Two pets can also breed if you play the Breed song.

To release the pet you play the Stop Song.

You can also learn other songs by checking out Flute Songs here

How to Get The Various Pets

Monkey:Monkey pet mine map.jpg Horse: Horsemap.png

Kind of Pet Location of Pet Whats Required To Get One
Horse Supply Mine in Bomboria
7 Wheat Mud wheat.png
Monkey Deep Mine on Main Island
1 Evil Bomy Lord Heart
Choupa Haunted Mines on Main Island
1 Evil Bomy Lord Heart
Dragon Any dragon hunting ground Kill Dragons For Chance to Get An Egg

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