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How Tigbot Works

Benjamin in Bomboria Trade Room on Main Island is the owner of the Tigbot tables, Talk to him for info.

  1. First make yourself a Cube at Ethans Cube Shop in Bomboria on Main Island.
  2. Go to the Tigbot table in Bomboria Trade Room on Main Island.
  3. Drop your cube onto one side of the table.
  4. Double click the other side of the table to get tigbot onto the table.
  5. Drop something onto the table that tigbot will accept
  6. Double click your Cube and the gambling will commence... Double clicking your Item will remove yourself Entirely from the table.
  7. You will either win Tigbots Wager, or lose your wager.
  8. Mark.png Something about the house rules.. not sure how that works

  1. If you wish to gamble another player
  2. both players just drop a cube onto the table, and drop an item onto the table then double click their dice to say "I am ready"

How Much Is A Gamble?

  • 1 Low Stakes Tigbot Gamble is equal to 150,000 Platinum Coins (500 Diamonds)
  • 1 High Stakes Tigbot Gamble is equal to 300,000 Platinum Coins (1000 Diamonds)

What Low Stakes Tigbot Accepts


  • Farming Hat x1
  • Mining Hat x1
  • Papal Visor of Uriel x1


  • Classic Ring


  • Ancient Amulet 1x

Chest Armors


  • Snow Boots x1
  • Elven Boots x1
  • Rescuer Boots x1
  • Idaten Boots x1
  • Levitation Boots x1


  • Belt of Raging Dragon x1


  • Gauntlets of Dexterity x1
  • Gloves of the Serpent x1
  • Gloves of the Bandit x1
  • Gloves of the Archer x1
  • Ancaria Gloves x1
  • Gauntlets of Strength x1


  • Diminishing Bracers x1



  • Shield of Lucidity x1
  • Hallowed Shield of Amadola x1


  • Psycho Mask x1


  • Blackened Bow of Hellfire x1
  • Messiah Bow x1
  • Ivy Bow x1
  • Dwarven Warhammer of Sorcery x1
  • Dwarven Warhammer of Agility x1
  • Dark Inferno Sword (Artifact) x1
  • Forged Regal Topaz Wand x1
  • Dwarven Warhammer of Might x1
  • Frozen Banana Dagger x1
  • Ruby Wand x1
  • Wand of Sorcery x1

Other Items

  • 10 Event Coins
  • 30 Nihil Coins
  • 50 Gold Key
  • Magenta Cube x1
  • Red Cube x1
  • Yellow Cube x1
  • Green Cube x1
  • Pink Cube x1
  • Light Blue Cube x1
  • Purple Cube x1
  • Dark Blue Cube x1
  • Medium Mystery Basket x1
  • Merchant's Mystery Box x1
  • White Ski x1
  • Purple Ski x1
  • Black Ski x1
  • Red Ski x1
  • Golden Ski x1
  • Mining Map x50


  • Michael's Legs x1

unsorted low stakes items

What High Stakes Tigbot Accepts

Brb.png Headwear BLB.png

Dash2.png 1x Spectral Bycocket
Dash2.png 1x Helmet of Argoth
Dash2.png 1x Necromancer Cult Helmet
Dash2.png 1x Ancient Warlord Helmet
Dash2.png 1x Golden Chef's Hat

Brb.png Rings BLB.png

Dash2.png 2x Ring of War
Dash2.png 2x Ring of Descending Darkness
Dash2.png 1x Classic Ring
Dash2.png 1x Dragon Ring
Dash2.png 2x Golden Band of Sorcery

Brb.png Amulets BLB.png


Brb.png Chest Armors BLB.png

Dash2.png 1x Blood Paladin Armor
Dash2.png 1x Carman's Mail
Dash2.png 1x Burning Crystal Mail

Brb.png Boots BLB.png

Dash2.png 1x Red Boots of Soccer
Dash2.png 1x Spectral Boots

Brb.png Belts BLB.png

Dash2.png 1x Legendary Belt of Raging Dragon of Life
Dash2.png 1x Spectral Belt

Brb.png Gloves BLB.png


Brb.png Bracers BLB.png

Dash2.png 1x Holy Bracers of Uriel

Brb.png Cloaks BLB.png

BRB.png Shields BLB.png

Dash2.png 1x Divine Shield
Dash2.png 1x Shield of the Gifted
Dash2.png 1x Draugr's Shield
Dash2.png 1x Noxious Crystal Shield
Dash2.png 1x Crackling Crystal Shield
Dash2.png 1x Baal's Tower Shield
Dash2.png 1x Sacred Shield of Armaros
Dash2.png 1x Dark Templar's Guard

Brb.png Masks BLB.png

Dash2.png 1x Golden Halo
Dash2.png 1x Dark Halo

Brb.png Melee Weapons BLB.png

Dash2.png 1x Talefung
Dash2.png 1x Panda Hammer
Dash2.png 1x Dark Inferno Sword (Artifact)
Dash2.png 1x Vampire Sword
Dash2.png 1x Holy Avenger (Artifact)
Dash2.png 1x Corroded Excalibur (Artifact)
Dash2.png 1x Murder Knife
Dash2.png 1x Blood Paladin Blade
Dash2.png 1x Saint's Sword

Brb.png Ranged Weapons BLB.png

Dash2.png 1x Vampire Bow

Brb.png Wands BLB.png

Dash2.png 1x Sceptre of Lightning Arrow

Brb.png Other Items BLB.png

Dash2.png 1x Mutated Mystery Basket
Dash2.png 1000x Diamond
Dash2.png 1x Explosive Glyph
Dash2.png 1x Ruby Flying Disc
Dash2.png 1x Flying Poison Cloud
Dash2.png 1x Carbon Ski
Dash2.png 1x Medium Mystery Basket
Dash2.png 1x Ghost Cube
Dash2.png 100x Enchant Armour
Dash2.png 100x Improve Weapon Damage
Dash2.png 1x Sapphire Flying Disc

Unsorted high stakes items

event coin x100 Gold Key x500 Bone Snap x1 Spectral Bracers x1 Shield of Hammerogue x1 Amulet of Ghost Pirate (Dex+1)(Con+2)(speed +5)(resist ghosthit +15)(resist slow +15)(resist fear +15)(sustenance+10)(regeneration+6)(luck+3) x1 Godly Glyph x1 Blood Halo x1 Cursed Leaf Ring (Str+2)(Dex+1)(Con+2)(Wis+1)(Cha+1)(Int+1)(Pow+2)(speed +10)(resist acid +30)(resist fear +30)(resist blindness +30)(magic+10) x2 Spectral Crossbow x1 Frog Hammer x1 Defender (Artifact) x1 Small Mystery Basket x1 Rucksack of Holding x1 Emerald Flying Disc x1 Unseen Hand Helmet x1 Ancestral Sword x1 Blood Paladin Kite Shield x1 Legendary Cloak of Desire of Life (transmogrified into Philosopher's Cloak) +12 x1 Blue Boots of Soccer x1 Adventurer's Belt x1 Merry Yuletide Helmet x1 Flying Fog x1 Vampiric Bycocket x1 Spectral Gauntlets x1 Blood Paladin Helmet x1 Quiver of Holding x1 Striker of Grigori (Artifact) x1 Dragonslayer (Artifact) x1 Spectral Mail x1 Spectral Pendant (Dex+2)(speed +5)(resist ghosthit +25) x1 Rune of Graal Kingdoms x100 Blood Ring (Str+2)(Dex+1)(Con+2)(Wis+1)(Cha+1)(Int+2)(Pow+2)(speed +5)(resist fear +30)(resist death +30)(regeneration+10) x2 Blessed Yuletide Helmet x1 Flying Cloud x1 Pink Glowstick x1 Dragon Shield x1 Shield of Amadola +12 x1 Cloak of Desire x1 Spectral Ring (Str+2)(Dex+2)(Con+2)(Wis+1)(Cha+1)(Int+1)(Pow+1)(speed +7)(resist ghosthit +30)(resist death +30)(regeneration+10) x1 Monkey Sandals x1 Templar's Guard x1 Solidified Crystal Shield x1 nihil coin x300 Golden Vestment x1 Parasite Blade x1 Abyssal Crystal Shield x1 Jolly Yuletide Helmet x1 Excalibur (Artifact) x1 Spectral Shield x1 Demonsbane (Artifact) x1 Diamond x1000 Dragon Ring (Str+2)(Dex+1)(Con+2)(Wis+2)(Cha+1)(Int+1)(Pow+1)(speed +5)(resist fire +15)(resist electricity +15)(resist cold +15)(grace+6)(magic+6)(regeneration+6)(Attuned: Fire) x1 Mutated Mystery Basket x1 Blood Paladin Blade x1 Sacred Shield of Armaros x1 Baal's Tower Shield x1 Classic Ring (Str+2)(Dex+2)(Con+2)(Wis+1)(Cha+1)(Int+1)(Pow+1)(speed +5)(resist slow +30)(resist paralyzation +30)(resist death +30)(regeneration+25) x1 Panda Hammer x1 Spectral Boots x1 Sapphire Flying Disc x1 Murder Knife x1 Blood Paladin Armor x1 Helmet of Argoth x1 Sceptre of Lightning Arrow x1 Vampire Bow x1 Saint's Sword x1 Dark Templar's Guard x1 Improve Weapon Damage x100 Crackling Crystal Shield x1 Enchant Armour x100 Ring of Descending Darkness (Str+2)(Dex+1)(Con+2)(Wis+1)(Cha+1)(Int+1)(Pow+2)(speed +4)(resist magic +30)(regeneration+10)(Attuned: Creation) x2 Holy Avenger (Artifact) x1 Golden Halo x1 Spectral Belt x1 Ghost Cube x1 Noxious Crystal Shield x1 Necromancer Cult Helmet x1 Medium Mystery Basket x1 Legendary Belt of Raging Dragon of Life x1 Red Boots of Soccer x1 Vampire Sword x1 Draugr's Shield x1 Carbon Ski x1 Flying Poison Cloud x1 Ancient Warlord Helmet x1 Dark Inferno Sword (Artifact) x1 Shield of the Gifted x1 Divine Shield x1 Golden Chef's Hat x1 Holy Bracers of Uriel x1 Corroded Excalibur (Artifact) x1 Ruby Flying Disc x1 Burning Crystal Mail x1 Golden Band of Sorcery (Dex+2)(Wis+2)(Pow+2)(speed +6)(resist magic +30)(resist confusion +30)(resist blindness +30)(sustenance+10)(grace+10)(magic+10) x2 Explosive Glyph x1 Dark Halo x1 Carman's Mail x1 Spectral Bycocket x1 Talefung x1 Ring of War (Str+2)(Dex+2)(Con+2)(Wis-1)(Int-1)(Pow-1)(speed +5)(wc+3)(dam+5)(ac+2)(armour +30)(resist magic -20)(regeneration+10) x2