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Image Whip Name Item Name
*For Admin Usage*
Stats Weight Location Items Required To Craft It
*If its Craftable*
Mud flamewhip.png Flame Whip (whip_fire) (dam+75)(Attacks: fire, fear, death) 10 kg Throne of Evil on Main Island 1000 Infernal Orbs, 150 Red Yarn, 150 Orange Yarn
Mud rootwhip.png Root Whip (whip_root) (dam+75)(Attacks: acid, paralyze) 10 kg Wimnim on Forest Island 1000 Mandrake Roots, 150 Brown Yarn, 50 Tan Dyes
Mud vinewhip.png Vine Whip (whip_vine) (dam+75)(Attacks: confusion, poison) 10 kg Wimnim on Forest Island 1000 Snapdragon Vines, 150 Green Yarn, 50 Viridian Dyes
Mud whip.png whip (gwhip0) (dam+30)(Attacks: physical) 10 kg Edengrove on Main Island 75 Rat Tails, 10 Brown Yarn, 10 Cloth

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