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Zeppelins are aircraft that you can use to fly over walls (including kingdom castle walls),
over water, and from island to island.

Building a Zeppelin


Every kingdom island has a place where you can build a Zeppelin. It takes
10 cloth
5 boards
4 small gold nuggets
to build one. Each time you grab the incomplete Zeppelin, one of the materials
is removed from your inventory as the Zeppelin is gradually completed. Once it's complete,
you can get on it by walking up to it.

Flying a Zeppelin

To get your Zeppelin off the ground in any meaningful way, your weight will have to be lower than 250kg.
The lower it is, the faster your Zeppelin will fly (though Zeppelins are slow no matter what.)
Pressing S will cause your Zeppelin to fly upwards, pressing D will bring it back down to the ground,
and pressing A will cause you to get off the Zeppelin. While your Zeppelin is in the air,
you can move the same way you move normally (by holding down arrow keys).

Boarding a Ship

If someone has left their ship ladders down, it's possible to board their ship even if it's over deep water by using
a Zeppelin (though doing so requires that you sacrifice the Zeppelin.) Simply fly up to ship and you'll board it while still on the Zeppelin.
Then hit the button to enter the cargo hold and you'll be able to get off your Zeppelin and go back up to the ship.
You can then kill the guy who was captaining the ship or whatever.

Destroying a Zeppelin

Attacking someone while they're flying a Zeppelin causes the Zeppelin to take a "hit".
After five "hits" the Zeppelin is destroyed. However, getting off the Zeppelin before it's destroyed
and then getting back on causes the Zeppelin to fully recover.

Zeppelin Locations

Island Town
Samurai Island Kontai
Main Harmonia
Pirates Island South of - Shorefall
Samurai Island Firefly Isle

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